Replacement Bag for Tester and Supplies

I have three or four old glucose testers laying around the house, which I typically use only if I misplace my main tester (a One-Touch Ultra Mini). These testers (older One-Touch Ultras) work just fine and take the same strips as my main tester, but...

The black nylon bags that holds these testers are worn out. On two of them, the zipper is shot. On another, the bag is completely frayed. If it were possible to buy only the bag without the tester and lancet, I would have purchased a few of them by now.

In time, the same thing will happen to the bag for my main tester, so I'd like to find a replacement bag that can hold my supplies (similar to the one that comes with the testers). I haven't been able to find just the One-Touch bags for sale anywhere. Can anyone point me toward a possible replacement for the testers?

Call LifeScan they will replace the case for free. I just received a new case for one

of my UltraLinks. There should be a phone number on the back of you meter.