Replacing a broken Dexcom Reciever


I have a question about the Dexcom G4 receiver. I dropped it and the black buttons fell off and after not being able to reattach them I called Dexcom and they said they'd replace it.
They asked for the credit card, but said they'd only charge if it was due to water damage and that they rarely charge anyone for replacing it for breaking. Is this true?
They said they would notify me first if I needed to pay. Hoping I don't as I couldn't afford the 199
Did any of you have yours break and they replace it free?

Is it still under warranty? They have a year warranty but after that you need to go through insurance again. If you are in a year warranty still they shouldn’t have asked for a cc. I have been on it for a month and had to have it replaced they sent me a new one, and I sent mine back, they said if they find it to have water damage they will contact me about payment.