Replacing your meter

How often do you do this? I just read an article a meter should be replaced after a year. Whoops. I’m not sure how old my current meter is!

My meter is about 5 years old!

Guess it’s time for a new one because mine is over a year old. Think for what we spend on strips we should get a replacement free. Send in the old one, get a new one. It’s not bad enough they’re not accurate to begin with, but they get less accurate with time?

So far, easy for me… I am a gadget geek and love new ‘toys’. I think it’s like every six months to a year.

Wonder if this is a way to get us to spend even more money on supplies.

My ultrasmarts are both from when they FIRST came out… I’m not sure how old that makes them… over 7? They seem to work fine… I also have to ultramini’s (and a ton of other assorted meters) and those are both newer… the times I’ve double checked my meters they’ve all been within a few pts of each other.

Now, I have heard that BATTERIES need to be replaced at least yearly, and I do tend to keep up with that…

hmmm…good point there. I still use the very first one I used 2 years ago when I was initially diagnosed. Its results are comparable to the new one I just got. I change the battery every 8 months though.

My batteries don’t last a year. I get the battery low error message at about 3 months.

True enough, but on a meter you don’t use often they will :slight_smile: I have about 6 meters in active use at any one time… I keep them everywhere.

So true. I was wondering if I somehow bought old batteries:)

Cara - who wrote the article and where was it published? In my old age I’ve gotten vocal! Let’s see, my daughter had one for 10 years. Mine is 3 years old now. The one I had for 7 years still works well and has a 99.432567% correlation with the 3 year old on a less than one minute apart test. I never replace. I add when I need one in another place. The purse one gets jostled, bumped, and has crumbs of peanut bars still there for pickup! Cheers!

I need to locate the article again. I found it on here last night somewhere, and I’m still searching for the silly thing. I knew I should have book marked it.

I get a new meter every couple of months. I contact meter companies every time I see that they have a promotion of some sort.

The ship them free to you? Awesome idea.

I just got a free Accu Check meter with 60 free test strips and 5 different face plates. All it took me was about 5 minutes on the phone.