Repost with better description. I Choose to Live video

The official “I choose to live” music video. written and performed by South African Kwaito star, Howza (Tshepo Mosese) the song is about the impact of Diabetes on the world and the importance of prevention.

The song, written and performed with fellow South African artist Omen (Sabelo Mzizi) also includes the voices of the Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir.

First performed in Johannesburg at the Diabetes Leadership Forum Africa 2010, “I choose to live” received such an immense response that global pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk decided to support Tshepo in driving his message forward.

The popular singer and actor, who currently presents a local TV programme, was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2003. Since then, he has made it one of his life missions, to increase awareness of this disease at home and across the globe.

If i knew how to embed it I would but here is the link

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How many of you have seen a music video with diabetes in it like this?
…Also It’s kinda catchy.
: )

Very moving and to the point it is catchy as Mikey said. Thanks for reposting.

Thanks for posting, great music and great video.

Still wonder why you haven’t seen any American musicians do something similar. PSAs are nice but cut a single or whole record and donate.

Excellent video, Jim, thanks for posting it. I’m going to send it on to my Women’s Group mailing list.

Not too long ago, someone had posted another video that was a rap about diabetes. I believe it was an American; nothing on this scale, but good also.

Sooo good!!!

I’ve been listening to the song and it sounds good enough to be a theme song that tells what Diabetes is about and how we make the choice to live…It’s a very inspirational song.

Looks like he likes DHF ideas lol