Researching Omnipod and have questions

for anyone who would like to answer or comment. Thanks.

how loud are alarms? Do you find you don’t hear it sometimes?

can you hold down button to speed up dialing in bolus amount?

can anyone confirm that meal presets won’t save Extended bolus amount and duration?

what % increments are used for dialing in the Extended bolus amount?

will it alert you when a temp basal ends? as far as I can tell it only alerts at the beginning but not during or at the end.

Does it beep regularly after 72 hour mark during the 8 hour grace period? is it annoying?

What is upgrade policy after 4 year warranty, e.g. pay $300 PDM replacement cost or $950 startup kit cost?

None of the above is hugely crucial to me but I am curious. The tubeless design is really drawing me in. The menus and navigation appear ergonomic and intuitive. I guess some people have had problems with sticky(?) keys. I find the lack of vibrate option disappointing and the upcoming new PDM only partially address that. I like that you can save meal boluses and temp basals as presets which I take as a sign that Insulet is thinking about how to make pumping easier for us as end users ( like the now discontinued Cozmo).

  1. The alarms are fairly loud. However, it takes a second to hear it if laying on it. Like, today, I was laying on my leg (it was on my thigh, and the pod was pressed against the couch), and I was watching a movie. It took a second to recognize it. But, in general… it’s pretty easy to hear.
  2. yes, the up and down buttons can be held to increase the speed of selections such as carbs/bolus/bg… all that fun stuff.
  3. I don’t know that much about the presets. I’ve never really used them.
  4. In the extended bolus amount… you can choose in increments of 5. So, you can do 5%, 10%, 60%, or 100% NOW… and then extend the rest for increments of a half an hour up to 8 hrs. (this is what MY pdm does, at least. i don’t know if it’s this way because of the way i set up everything…)
  5. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard a temp basal be announced. or, sometimes, i’ll turn off my basal, and it’ll beep to let me know that the time is up, and my basal will go back on (once i give the okay).
  6. i’ve never gone over 72 hrs, so i don’t know. i think i’ve heard that it’ll alarm every 1 hr after 72 hrs. but i don’t know… because i always change at 71-72 hrs.
  7. i don’t know about upgrades or anything. i’ve only had mine for counts 3 1/2 months… so i haven’t looked into that stuff yet.

I think you’ll love the omnipod. I sure do! Hope my answers helped a bit!

There is a small amount of variation in the volume of the pod beeps; but I find them all to be pretty much just right. There’s been a couple of times when it’s beeped while I was asleep and it woke me. But it is not something that anyone would notice from 10 feet away.
The pod does give a short beep indicator during a temp basal; I’m not certain but I think it is about once per hour. It does not beep at the end, but does beep if you cancel it early.
The few times I’ve worn mine past the recommended expiration, I don’t remember it beeping to alert. In fact, when I do that it has always been over night so I’m sure I would have noticed it keeping me awake :slight_smile:
The meal presets do not store a pre-defined extension time.