RESETTING (was 'Restarting') Dexcom G5 Transmitter

Can I restart Dexcom G5 transmitter ?
S/N starting with 42
Software SW10719

You can restart the g5 easily.
You can restart the g6 too with a little more effort

Do you know how to reset G5 transmitter?

OMG you call grinding the top off of the G5 transmitter and replacing the batteries and then re-epoxy the top of the transmitter easy? Have you actually done it?

Can you give me a link the the procedure for restarting the g6 Transmitter? I have not seen that task on video. Have only seen restarting sensors.

Thank you

To be clear…

Reset transmitter means to reset internal transmitter start date/day counter.

If you have xDrip (on android phone) you can read G5s past the date without needing reset. But if you want to read with dexcom app or receiver, then you set the day count back to 1 with xDrip. However once battery is very low, resetting won’t help.

If you don’t have android phone, one option is to buy a cheap one ($40-50 wo activating phone service), and install xdrip. Once reset, you can read from real phone or receiver.

If you happen to have early G6 transmitter with battery replacement, the G6 80 transmitters, some 81s can be reset. Dexcom blocks this on latter G6 transmitters.

@AlexK you may want to update title to Reset instead of restart to avoid confusion.

You RESET a transmitter.
You RESTART a sensor.

Before we dive into this, lets be clear about what you are trying to do, as @MM1 suggests.

Thanks to everyone that provided input on RESETTING transmitter and suggested to correct the title!

I want to RESET transmitter G5 to take advantage of the remaining useful battery life as I have a few extra sensors.
… and I still want to use Dexcom application.
Can you provide a link to the correct and latest webpage with the Android xDrip app or is it “xDrip+” ?
or rather what version of the xDrip app I need to do the Reset?

Much Appricated,

Check this for instructions and link to github download. For settings, you will pick G5.

I think Transmitter will not pair/connect with phones if g5 app is active, so if have g5 app on phone may need to uninastall and reinstall after reset. But you may find you like xdrip better.
May want to just try xdrip before reset, since with G5 dexcom transmitter will continue to read even without reset.

Yea u misunderstood me. But you. An reset the transmitter too using a couple third party Softwares