Resources on Better Insulin


my name is Debra and I was diagnosed 33 years ago. I am having a hard time finding a place for resources and help when it comes to every day high and lows. I have been managing the disease only on Novolin R from Walmart for 7 years and although my A1C is never above 8.0, that number still is not great! anything anyone can suggest to help for resources on better insulin and how to get over the day to day depression please let me know! thanks

Hi @Dyepez09, I have moved your post to a new topic so it can be seen by more members.

The best place to start is with you Endocrinologist. All newer insulins available in the US require a prescription. Hopefully we can offer suggestiojns for when you talk with your Endo.

If you could tell us a bit more about your level of knowledge and experience that would help us advise you. You say you’ve been T1 for 33 years, but using R for seven. What were you on before? Have you ever been on a basal-bolus regimen using analog insulins, like Lantus-Novolog? Is your reason for using Walmart R lack of adequate insurance?

Depression is a separate issue but can be related. Chronic high sugar levels can have emotional effects, and the feeling of being helpless and out of control doesn’t help. Getting on a better treatment regimen might help with that too.

See if you can purchase insulin from Canada, it is much cheaper. If R is the only insulin available to you at the moment, I’d recommend trying to go low carb and follow Dr. Richard Bernstein’s recommendations. It is an excellent insulin for protein and very slow-digesting carbs, such as nuts and almond or peanut butter.

my heath insurance is horrible and I am only allowed 2 sessions of diabetic education. As if I was new to diabetes, so I have to pay out of pocket to go see an Endo or have it be a medical emergency per my insurance company. I also pay $300 a month and have a $5k deductible… oh to be alive in this time with a disease. thanks for the advice :slight_smile: