Rest in Peace Louise!

This week Louise, my Dexcom, was put to rest! She didn’t go quietly though, but rather buzzing and shaking with a large exclamation point on her screen. I mourned her, especially when I called Customer Service, only to find that her warranty had ran out the month before. And wouldn’t you know it, but my insurance changed on October 1, so now the insurance department has to start all over figuring out my new policy. My new Dex will be my fourth cgm, so I am struggling with what to name her…do I stick with Louise to match my pump Thelma, or do I honor this past dex, being so much more accurate than the previous ones, and retire her name as a memorial??? If my insurance is as slow as previous orders, I have a long time to ponder this idea, but let’s hope I’m wrong!

Sorry to hear about Louise.

Hilarious. I think you should come up with a new name that embodies all the hope you have the great performance of dex #4.
I didn’t do that though-on a trial now, but going to name my new guy Pleco for those sucker fish since these things remind me of leaches. mmmmm…

What a hoot to name your CGM!! Hope U get a new one sooner than later. I think I will call mine, Craig. don’t ask me why… the name is short and simple, like I would like all calibrations and insertions to be…

God Bless,

Thanks for all of your condolences, and especially the flowers from you Christine (how did you know lilies are my favorite?)! I’ve been told my new insurance will cover at 90%, as well as sensors, but that’s what I was told last time and it ended up being only at 80%. Now I am just waiting for the paperwork to be completed so I can start wearing my Dexcom again. At least that leaves me plenty of time to come up with a new name!