Most of us are restarting, jobs, doctors’ appointments, school, daily business. Most everybody is restarting this week or next and most of us are getting back on the road to normalcy after two weeks or so of abnormal living. For me today I have a doctor’s appointment, tomorrow I have another and by the end of next Friday I will have completed 7 appointments. Yeah it is back to normal, in a big way. I do prefer my life as I lived it these last many days. I slept in most days, caught a first class movie in the afternoon and for the part I spent close to 24 / 7 with my wife Sheryl. Yeah life was pretty good.

What is our diabetic normalcy? Testing, controlled eating, chasing blood sugars, exercise, it is the human existence when you have diabetes. It is like the tools we carry around in our backpack. So which of the tools will you get out first today or next week? Seems like every day we use a variety of tools to keep ourselves in check we use them like blades in a Swiss army knife to accomplish our goal of balance sugar balance. Except instead of a Swiss army knife, it is a diabetic army knife or a diaknife.

Exercise: For those on insulin we need to get just enough, not too much, not too little, a razors edge to keep from going too low or not enough to let it go crazy high. Change the amount of exercise you do, and you are called upon to adjust your insulin in order to keep from going too low or too high. For type 2’s it is of course one of the few ways to get control of and lower or allow blood sugar to rise.

Food: Eat too much or too little and your blood sugar zips up or down on the ladder of our lives. Adjust insulin, or exercise more or less. Food is very important for all types of diabetes. I cannot think of food and not think of my dad, who loved pie of all times. I cannot count the number of times he would eat pie (by pie I mean a pie usually coconut cream) and then report to me later he felt bad. I loved my dad, but wow, come on dad, a whole pie; yeah I know you feel bad.

Emotions: Not a tool we often control but one that might control us. Emotions are those things that are thrust upon us many times and letting them out or keeping them in can change our blood sugar like a rocket being shot off to the moon. How many times have you been sitting calmly and the next moment fire off and we find our self with a blood sugar dropping like a rock or soaring like an eagle.

Viruses or infections: This is one of the ones I love. You know you are getting a cold and the next thing you know your blood sugar goes out of control. For me it is a sore throat, I know if I have one controlling my blood sugar will be next to impossible. I push more insulin and I crash, I leave insulin alone my blood sugar soars. Do it wrong you crash, do it right and sometime you, well crash. If you are a type 2, you tough it out and the doctor complains you need better control. Viruses and infection are the worst blade on the knife. It is like the one that continues to cut yourself.

An associate of mine, ok a doctor, once told me diabetes is a two pronged disease, food and insulin. Regulate food and get the right insulin inserted, and diabetes is not a problem. No offense about the doctor but diabetes is a 3D affair not a 2D flat screen.

I suppose if you have never lived with diabetes that might even at some level make sense. Much like a car, you put in enough gasoline (or electricity) and the car will go x number of miles. A 10 gallon fill up in a 20 mile per gallon car you get 200 miles, simple, right? Of course the human body is not a car and going 200 miles is rarely an option. I love getting 300 miles out of my 10 gallon car fill up. But more often than not I get 193 or 207.

In my diabetic human body, I usually can put in breakfast cover with insulin and between 9 am to 10 am I make a correction, food, insulin or exercise. To me type 2’s have it worse, they put in a Metformin, Glipizide, Starlix or some other drug and then hope it carries the day through exercise, emotion, virus or infection. At least as a type 1 I can adjust on the fly. So when people tell me this one or that has it worse, I remind them that until you walk a month in their shoes you can never say that. The truth is I do not want any of it. And if not wanting this or that made a difference, I would have been cured long ago. I imagine most of us agree with that.

Oh and my dad, well his best defense was always a pie. When he got down, or felt good, or just wanted too, he got a pie. Yeah I know it’s a bad thing but it worked for him I suppose. Oh and of course my Dad had me. I was his third blade. He knew he could call and I would give him a half measured scolding. He was in his 70’s after all. He would blame it on something, or someone or some situation and we would laugh. My dad was a good soul and he knew full well he was making bad choices, but pie was his fourth blade. I have to say I was jealous. Oh how I do love coconut cream pie, or used to love it. Maybe Dad and I had a symbiotic relationship, he would eat the pie and I would enjoy the thought of eating it LOL.

Imaginary pie got to be an extra blade in my diabetic army knife imaginary pie that is the best blade on the knife. Since dad died, I lost that blade. I know a good pie factory. Maybe a smell is in order it has been a little over a year.

I hope as you go back to doing whatever your routine, you had a chance to sharpen the blades in your diaknife. We will need a sharp knife in 2014. heck we all need a sharp knife when we restart. I wish you good fortunate.



As I am retired I am not re-starting work, but the last of the Christmas shortbread is nearly eaten so I am re=starting my 'attempting to lose weight oh so boring' diet. I am the sort of person who hates routine, hates eating the same foods all the time, dislikes exercise, so my diaknife will need to be really sharp! At least that knife will cut you a slice of pie LOL

Thanks Maureen, I can always use a piece of pie. In fact is coconut cream on the menu? LOL


Saved by the bell----my kids were here from CA and so I baked lo-carb snicker doodles and pigged out on them. At holiday time, I can make great lo-carb things---from stuffing to cookies and cakes and pies. BUT---portion control goes out the window, so maybe it doesn't matter! Maybe each cookie only has 1 carb, but if splurge on a dozen cookies, well, shucks!...I keep up on my exercise, but it has slowed down and hurts more...I haven't been sick in awhile, but that could change tomorrow...And my emotional state has sucked all year......Great post, Rick, as usual....Blessings on us all...