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Hi all,

I had previously made a post on here (approved by staff) to invite you to participate in a survey I led, by the University of Paris and the Mayo Clinic. The survey aimed to understand the perceptions of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes regarding remote digital diabetes monitoring (specifically, we wanted to understand if this type of health technology is perceived as intrusive in peoples’ private lives, and if so, why).

The study findings were reported in 2 articles that were just published in scientific journals. I’d like to thank you for your help and share with you the links to the articles, so you can read what we found:


Thanks for sharing the findings @DoraOikonomidi !

I wish I could have shared my thoughts on RDM with you! :grinning:

@DoraOikonomidi – I appreciate your looping back to provide this community with the results of your survey here.

I found this statement in the ScienceDirect publication interesting.

For patients who consider receiving feedback from a health care professional as revoking their control over their diabetes management, digital monitoring may represent a step away from patient-centered care.

I’ve never considered my doctor’s review of my CGM data as intrusive but do see that some may. I have taken full ownership of my diabetes and my doctor does not have the power to revoke my control. Nor do I think most doctors or other medical professionals live with that understanding.

I can get irritated, however, if my doctor asks about the context of a specific blood sugar anomaly. Diabetes is a part of every moment of my life; it’s difficult for me to remember every specific metabolic incident.

I respond to these moments in real time, take counteraction and then move on. I don’t interpret these kind of questions so much as an intrusion or invasion of my personal privacy but as a display of the doctor’s ignorance about the scale of the task of what we diabetics do. Question about more general trends are a better topic of conversation.


I agree! When I was logging everything, it was easy to look back into the log and tell the practitioner the whys and wherefores. It actually amazed them that I was able to do that. Now that I am not logging, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to answer their queries.

Hear, hear!


You all are rocking!!! Thanks for your advocacy through research. That’s a lot of work.
Here’s to U of Paris and the Mayo!!!