Return of the Jedi, I Mean, Pump

I look at my son’s handsome face, the incurable smile always shining out into our lives, and I see the frustration of so many things he is keeping quiet about today. So, as mom’s do, I decide to question my young man, turning eleven in a few weeks. My questions are not direct because I want to reach into a place in his comfort level where he can share without feeling pushed or like I’m drilling him.

He just came back from camp. Many of you know the story. No, not diabetes camp, football camp, where he was on his own as far as the diabetes care, with the exception of my older son, who was there to keep an eye on him. But, when you are not the primary caretaker of someone, it is easy, especially if you are young, to become forgetful and in turn, forgetting means you will pay a huge price later.

Jacob had a few moments of being sick at camp where his sugars were over 600. I share this with a heavy heart. No child should have to feel the horrible side effects of high blood sugars. I could not be there and when I knew what was going on, I wanted to literally run or fly to be with my son.

My son became very sick, vomiting and unable to do much until the Apidra kicked in, along with lots of water and rest. No child with this much energy and love for life should ever have to go through this, but here we are and regardless of how I hate diabetes, I love, love, love my son. So, together we go on. This is why I put him back on the pump. I had to. I can’t bear to see him so sad and still.

He keeps coming to me and saying, “Mom, I love you. You’re so beautiful.” I do a double take because the love, I can take all day, but beautiful, well, I don’t feel beautiful but he believes I am, so , doggone it, I am. (LOL)

The truth is, I want my son to be healthy and feel amazing. The Medtronic allows his sugars better control. OK, the big deal with the Lantus is that it’s supposed to do something in his body throughout the day, but I don’t really think it helps my son the way having the pump on does. So, yes, the return of the pump is here and the truth is, if it comes out, I’ll put it back on again.

The sticky part that goes on his skin is really cheap and easily comes off, but if I have to use crazy glue (just kidding) to keep it on, I will. (Ok, maybe tape, lots of tape)I’m off to check my son before I get ready for work. Lord, watch over my son and take care of him while he’s at home. He’s still a kid underneath the amazing, strong and wonderful child that tries to show he can handle anything. With you by his side, I have no doubt he can.