Reunion and scooter for sale

I have two announcements that I would like to see reach more people:

  1. If you or anyone you know are a graduate of the Brown Deer High School class of 1971, we are planning a picnic for August. Please see (or have them see) the site at or even contact me. We want to get as many people together this year informally.

  2. I am now the proud owner of a Jazzee Power Chair. Watch out on the road people! I’m like a drunken sailor on it. Hope I will get better. What my problem is now is that I have to get rid of my scooter. Not enough room in my apartment! It’s nice and really in pretty good shape. The upholstery is still intact along with most of the other parts. The rubber bumpers in front are a little frayed, but can be replaced. It can hold heavier loads up to 450 lbs. It came to me brand new and cost over $4,700! I want to get rid of it for about $250. If interested, please contact me.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI