Reverse Dawn Phenom?

Holy crap - I've been going low for over a week now during the hours of 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM. I'm eating the EXACT same breakfast and the EXACT same lunch I have for FIVE years! I bolus EXACTLY the same - but these lows are sneaking up on me. My basals for this period have remain unchanged (and pretty good) for years. I'm not exercising any more or less than usual. I swear I'm producing some insulin or something...any thoughts?

I think so. I've seen dawn pheno totally reversed with insulin needed less in the a.m. which tells me that perhaps the body can make some insulin overnight when other requirements are not being put on it. And I, too, have done the exact same meals, same boluses, same basals, same times for years. That wouldn't be against the research that has been done. I think it reflects what a body can do when treated this way; perhaps we're seeing some regeneration in the presence of autoimmunity, and there's a circadian rhythm to it.