Reversing neuropathy in type 2 diabetics


thank you very much , that's a great help . I will follow your advice .


Diabetic neuropathy is present upon diagnosis in some type 2 diabetics and most diabetics avoid significant neuropathy altogether. Thus there is really no specific time frame relative to whether or not a diabetic will develop neuropathy. There is limited data but there is some reason to believe that better diabetic control may reduce the probability of developing neuropathy. The symptoms of neuropathy are variable. People may experience increased sensitivity, variable sensitivity, unusual sensations, and / or numbness.


If you're hungry, why don't you eat more fats?! I don't drink milk (has lots of lactose=sugar) but use full cream. Lots of butter. I would have some coconut oil, too.


i eat about 60% fat, 25% protein and 15% carbs. i eat about 90-100 net carbs per day and i keep my blood sugars between 80-105 at all times but the neuropathy keeps getting worse even after 1 year of no starches and not going over 140. spinach, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, salsa, sour cream, mozzerella cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, almond butter, soynut butter, sesame seed butter, avocado and olive oil, pears, flaxseed, walnuts, canned salmon, chicken breast, ground beef sirlion.

can you actually maintain your weight using coconut oil and butter or even olive oil. i just use olive oil over my veggies but i could cut back on some of the dairy fat and add some coconut oil or more olive oil if that helps my neuropathy but i cant loose any weight, 5-10 at 134#



The best thing to do is check with a good neurologist and since these specialists only get less than 3day study in rare or uncommon nerve disorders in medical school a good one is hard to find. I was told by a primary care and a physicians assistant ( not a neuro specialist) that I had diabetic neuropathy. Not so. After an EmgNCv a top-notch neuro said it was Not diabetic neuropathy and I am recovering slowly but surely and all the while maintaning the lowest to normal BGs that I can so that I don't get diabetic neuropathy on top of the rare nerve disorder.


So share with me please, how does one do the recommended exercise after meals or at other with severe neuropathy of the legs…i pool walk but that isnt enough…be well all!


walking, biking, sit ups, etc


my dad has neuropathy in his legs, but i don't know how bad his discomfort is relative to yours, so his method might not work for you. he sits in his chair and steps on an exercise band and pulls up on it multiple times, switching legs. he then gets hand held weights and lifts them from a sitting position. he is 78 and was just cleared on stage 4 colon cancer as well (he will be rechecked in january). he takes metformin, but doesn't really control his diabetes well. he has lost a lot of teeth. i am trying to help him, but the constant testing that diabetes requires to get a handle on diet is not something he is taking to.


Sandy said: "So share with me please, how does one do the recommended exercise after meals or at other with severe neuropathy of the legs...i pool walk but that isnt well all!"

My dad has neuropathy in his legs. he sits in a chair to exercise, although he can walk for exercise, too. when he sits, he steps on an exercise band and pulls it up multiple times, switching arms. he then lifts hand held weights switching hands.


yes…thanks, have a band, will do!


I read something interesting in a publication by a pharmacist (Suzy Cohen). She explained that diabetes medications interfere with (or deplete) the body of B12 & the symptoms of B12 deficiency are pain & tingling in the extremities - neuropathy. People who take oral diabetes medications should also take a B-12 supplement - the type that is absorbed. That may be true because I've read that alcoholics also have neuropathy; excessive alcohol consumption also depletes B12.

As for neuropathy being related to high blood sugar, I'm not so sure about that. Several people in my support group have "excellent" blood sugar (with medication and/or insulin) & have you experience. I think when doctors don't know the cause of our pain, they tend to blame the patient.


thank you for insight on this, i will check into my B12 level next test…


Has anything gotten better?


I eat cut fruit,cut ,vegi’s, and yougurt and blueberries. peanut butter on whole wheat and peanut butter and chees crackers at bedtime. my BS run 150-210. What should I eliminate?



I just began getting neuropathy , can it be cured ? if so how long would it take if I eat properly and excercise? I also run track and would like to know if it is bad to do hard workouts or weightlifting ? Or should I stop doing track for a while until I recover a little?? Please if there’s is any suggestions I would appreciate it!


Hi @mario4 welcome to our community! I think one thing that I have read here that helps is to do everything you can to keep your blood sugars in range. How are yours doing?? have you spoken to your doctor? what medications are you taking?

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i WALK IN NATURE but my feet hurt so i do asana yoga and i do gymnastic, you can find appropriate asa yoga for us by google