Review of the new Navigator from Abbott, by Amy T

Amy Tenderich just posted a very thorough review of the Navigator CGM on her blog:

Just curious: how many of you are thinking of getting into one of these? Switching? First time CGM users?

Thanks, Manny.

I’ve actually been fortunate to have tried all three: the DexCom 7, the Minimed Guardian RT, and now the Navigator. So my first review installment also offers a comparison of the three.

You guys can post questions over there, too. I’d love to know what people are most curious about.


from the link above which manny provided, does it look bigger…? i have my minimed CGM and i like the lil-bitty size of its transmitter, though, i wish they could make it more lil smaller…hehehheh…more discreet, the better… also, what i like most with my CGMs is that i dont have to carry another piece for the CGM, im loving it…!

just curious though, what do you think is the difference/advantages of the Navigator compared to the other CGMs…?


Yep. It’s pretty big. Below is a pic of David Mendosa (a tall fella) holding it in his hands recently at the ADA Sci. Sessions:

No thanks. My little Minilink is fine with me. I have my Pump, and my iPhone on my belt at work. Just got rid of having to have a belt clip case with my meter in it by getting the Minilink, so ‘why?’… LOL! I like the thought for those on other pumps, but for me, the Minimlink Real-Time is fine for me.


I met with a rep from Smiths who let me play with a Navigator a couple weeks ago. I want one and faxed my paperwork for it this week. I honestly didn’t think the receiver was significantly bigger than the Dexcom’s, which I was wearing at the time and was able to compare. I’m now in the wait-and-see process with my insurance. I wore the Dexcom for seven days on a trial basis. Liked it, but am interested in where Abbott’s taking the technology. Kind of wanting to jump on board.

I’m using the Minimed pump and CareLink. I’ve had it with the Carelink! I have zero confidence in the reading it gives me, and I get no peace-of-mind wearing it. I’m looking at new pumps and CGMs now. I’m leaning toward the Ominpod and either the Navigator or the Dex thingy. I’m a bit hesitant on the Omnipod because they’ve been out such a short time. Any advice from anyone?

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So, I have been on the Minimed, DexCom, and now the Navigator so if anyone is thinking about going on a Continous Glucose Monitor or wants to know my opinions on all 3 let me know.

Personally, I wish I could take all 3 of them and put them together because each ones has features that I love and hate so…

The minimed sensors hurt me and I had a hard time getting them to stick. They are defianely the hardest to insert and the least likely to stay on.

DexCom: Love the sensors, sticks really well and easy to inset and painless. What I didn’t like was that the alarms I could barely hear and it wouldn’t wake me up if my blood sugar got high in the middle of the night. data displays are simplier and less advanced which I don’t like.

Navigator: Only been on for 3 days. like it thus far but definately a few things I don’t like. transmitter is bigger (okay though as it hasn’t bothered me yet). 10 hour warm up.
What I love: the predictability alarms for the highs. (the low doesn’t work as well for me but I have to say my lows didn’t get caught very often on the other two as well).

Anyways, if anyone has specific questions let me know.

Your perspective was really helpful. Thank you, Jacki.

I’ve been on the minimed CGM since it 1st started and I hate it! I’m now considering the Dexcom and the Navigator. Your review was most helpful! As far as supplies go and how long both last, what is your advise?


I am on the mimimed CGM as well, and I go on and off with it.

Right now it is in a spot that does not hurt at all and I don’t even know it is on, but…I have had it on spots, where I could barely stand the pain from it.

As far as it staying stuck, that is not an issue at all, as long as I put IV3000 over it and cup my hand over the adhesive to form a vacumn seal type effect.

Thanks for your review, it was very helpful.

It terms of how long the supplies last. Well, the DexCom the sensors last 7 days plus if you want you can restart them. I rarely did that but I have heard of people that do and the sensor will stay on. The main downfall to the DexCom is the alarms just go off once you pass the high theshhold and in the middle of the night it didn’t even wake me up. Also the data isn’t as good. You can see graphs but the only number you can see is the latest reading. I think the DexCom supplies are cheaper as well. There also isn’t an alarm if you walk away from it so if you don’t remember where you put it, well you are out of luck. Also the belt clip doesn’t stay on very well at all. I lost a reciever went I was out for a walk once.

For the Navigator I am still on my first sensor. Day 4 and it seems to be staying on and lasting. The alarms are much better as well as the data. The sensors can only stay on for 5 days. I am not sure if you can restart them or not.

I am pretty sure that both companies offer 30 day money back guarentee so you can always try it and if you don’t like it return it.

If you have any more questions let me know.

I used to go on and off the minimed CGM all the time.

I have to say when I used the DexCom I spent a lot more time on it than off of it and I am hoping that is the case with the Navigator.

I had a really hard time dealing with the minimed sensors.