Reviews of medtronic veo/enlite sensor

Hey guys, I know that the US does not have this pump right now but hopefully we are getting close. I was wondering if any of you guys from other countries have been able to use it and what are your thoughts? Is the enlite accurate and comfortable? Do you trust the low glucose suspend? I have been with animas for about 11 years but if this pump gets released soon I would go for it. Thanks

Also any news on possible release would be great.


I changed my daughters pump over from the Animas to the Veo as Animas made no effort to licence the CGM monitor for children. It was for the reason of a combined CGM as I thought a pump was a pump but I would say that we have found the Veo a much better pump other than I prefer the screen on the Animas. Everything on the Veo just flows at the correct time. It also connects up to a bluetooth meter which automatically opens the bolus screen so you do not have to transfer the figures across. Tasha also likes the fact that Insulin goes in very slowly with the Veo as the Animas speed of delivery could hurt her at times.

The sensors do not seem to be any worse to insert that the cannulas, in fact she suggests that the cannulas sometimes hurt more. We use the low suspend feature and I have found it has activated at night when I would not have expected a low blood (it has been accurate!) therefore it is my air bag. My only warning is that insulin is active for 4 hours, therefore, if you have no delivery for 2 hours you see a rise past what you may have wanted in the following hours. For this reason we now use it as an emergency and control hypos with glucose when we can rather than as a control as we did at the start. I do now sleep far better knowing an alarm will tell me she is low and if I miss it (it could be louder) then her insulin will suspend.

Other than I would like the Animas screen back, especially during the night (buy yourself a torch as you will never get the buttons in the right combination to get the back light on in the dark) moving to the Veo was an brilliant choice.

I hope you get it soon

Hi kjack - regarding your reference to the backlight.. Check out this link, as the Veo may work the same as Revel, regarding how to turn on/off the backlight at any time.

Thankyou very much for that - it works. No more torches and random pressing esc/light button while half asleep. That takes away my only irritation with the pump :-)

I like my Revel Pump too. The only trouble for me is also the screens.
What diabetic has eyes that good??
I miss that from My Animas pump too . They make good displays.
I want to see the new sensors too. The current ones has a big old needle that can bleed a bit.

Anyone else have experience with the veo or enlite and its accuracy?? Also has anyone switched from animas and if so how do you compare the two??