REVISED AND UPDATED- Diabetes Acronyms

AFLAC is a supplemental insurance offered by some employers or individual plans. It is not specific to diabetes, and may exclude coverage of some diabetes costs.

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DE - Diabetes Educator (used in Australia)

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My husband worked in a city bureaucracy for 25+ years. He and his colleagues loved this one: COIK…Clear Only If Known

Not specifically diabetic, but one can see how it could apply!


Another few suggestions

EF - Extended Fast (greater than 24 hours)
FWIW - For what it’s worth
IF - Intermittent Fast (Fasting): Eating one or two meals per day rather than 3
OMAD - One meal a day

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You appear to be on Keto or at least IF. let me know if you want to compare notes or stories.

These are not the same.

Insulin Duration vs Action Time