Revisiting an old topic- itchy Omnipod adhesive

I know this topic has been approached multiple times, but was wondering if there were any updates.

I just switched back from the Animas pump to the Omnipod, which I love… except as soon as the adhesive gets wet it starts itching. I have been using tegaderm (spell?) as a barrier between, but cut out a little square out for the cannula. And I still itch after getting it wet. It’s usually just one side of the pod, I know that doesn’t make sense, but maybe it is from the area that I cut out?

Is it the side where the cannula inserts?

Kind of near that- but more on the side. Honestly the itching location doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I just started on Omnipod, switching from my Ping. Did they maybe make an adhesive change? I sure do like this better than my Animas pump. Hope you figure it out…

Have you tried Bard skin barrier wipes? You can get them most anywhere; here’s a link for amazon:

The Bard website says: “BARD® Protective Barrier Film provides clear, dry barriers that are impervious to most liquids, enzymatic drainage and irritation associated with adhesives.”

Thanks for the link- I’m going to give it a try!

Those Baird wipes are great- I’ve used them two times now and no itching. I also like the fact they are easy to use, the quicker the pod change the better! Thanks for the recommendation!

Wonderful! I’m glad they worked!