?...........? riddle me this batman?

OH the diabetes curve ball is again this time on the technical side of the plate . My issue is that I work and live on a mountain and of course snowboard a lot, when I’m riding I like to keep good tabs on my BG, and I’m mowing through carbs like you wouldn’t believe, which dosn’t suck but in fear of hiking backcountry and going low sucks! … So I check frequently and my meter cant handle the cold weather not any one touch I’ve used anyhow!! anyone have any advise besides wearing straped to my body or a hand warmer is the best I can think of???

Can you lower your insulin dose before you go snowboarding?

I think those are about your only choices? On Xmas eve, I ran 10 miles and about 8 miles into it I noticed my pump was acting sort of slo-motion, push the button and the screen would kind of fade and then go to the next one. I just turned it around so it was on the inside of my pants instead of exposed to the elements. I think a glove warmer would work well, maybe just stick the meter in the glove in your pocket?

idk just take my long lasting need to ask my doc once i see him?


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I work outside and have found 2 things that work. One wear a vest or a hoodie as your first layer and keep your meter and insulin in one of its pockets. Layer on over this cold nights at work I tend to have 4 to 5 layers on top and as long as it is in my first 2 layers it tends to be safe. Second pick up some hand warmer packets and drop 2 hand warmers in with your meter.