Rides at Disneyland and the omnipod

We are heading to disneyland before christmas and were wondering about the rides at disneyland . Any experiences? any rides we cant go on with the pump? In pump class there was a mention of rides with strong magnets or rides with great force. We are one of 3 of the first patients in Calgary, Alberte Canada to go on the omnipod so not sure if the clinic has all of the accurate info?

We haven't been to Disneyland, but went to Disney World and Universal over the summer. We had no problems with any of the rides. Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

The greatest "force" involved in a ride at Disneyland is probably California Screamin' at California Adventure. I can report that I rode it 8 or so times this summer and both I and my Pod came through just fine.

You guys are awesome! Emma will be very pleased to here these experiences. Thanks!

My son had no issues with how pod at DL or WDW. Having said that, he did not go on California Screamin' or Tower of Terror, which would be the two I would think with have magnets involved. Have a great time!

I went last December and the summer before that to disney World and got on ever ride including the ones in California adventure and had no issues at all. Don’t stress out and enjoy. I did what I usually do and had a great time! Enjoy… Just check your sons bg as usual and carry jelly beans with you.

I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland last week - NO PROBLEMS! No problems with the airport screening, no problems with any of the rides, no problems with anything in my bag during the "bag check" at DL. - and I even got to eat some extra candy corn!!

I wasn't at Disneyland, but I was at an amusement park. The only problem that I had with my OmniPod was because I had it on my abdomen and one ride I went on had a bar right near my pod. By the time the ride was over, the cannula from the pod was no longer in but just poking me. So I would say just watch your placement that day and have fun.


I went to Disneyland and the California Adventure in October. My OmniPod got wet on Splash Mountain, was knocked around on the Indiana Jones ride (dang that ride is bumpy!), survived the Tower of Terror, and went Soarin' just fine.

Have a great time!