Riding thru' the mountains of the Adirondacks

Well, I managed to get out on my “stallion” on Saturday. The engine needed some cobwebs blown out of it - as its not had a good run in awhile. I think after that trip - we (my hubby and I) - have decided another bike is in order if we can’t get my original Yamaha working again (carb probs - been sitting idle for a few years). I don’t mind sharing my motorcycle with my sweetie pie - but I prefer to be up front - in control.

My Dad is saying to get a Gold wing - ugh - sorry - it’s like riding a couch on 2 wheels. My BMW 650 is nimble on both dirt and pavement - couldn’t ask for a better machine inbetween your legs.

Any other motorcyclist enthusiasts out there in Tuville???

Anyway, to find the rest of my blog - check it out at this link - http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2009/8/5

Anna, we ( hubby Gordon and I) have thought of dressing up our Rottie Penny for motor cycling …goggles, leather, side car …we somehow can imagine …can our sweet Penny is the question ? …we have cycling friends , besides YOU :slight_smile: Cannot really help you suggesting a certain motorbike brand …too bad.
PS how many carbs did you estimatre for this delicious looking dessert ?? And where is/are " Adirondacks " located ? In your beautiful province of Quebec ??

Ahh, Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain … brings back fond memories of when we took our boys camping. Such beautiful country there. We were all over the Northeast including Canada (Montreal & Toronto) I loved those days. We loved the area around Saranac lake and Tupper Lake. Truly God’s Country =)

Dear Anna

I remember the Adirondacks well, a beautiful country. Less rugged and more charming mountains that here in the West. I used to pedal bike the northern part around Lake Mecham and Saranac Lake. The highlight of the region were the wild strawberries growing along the road. They were larger that the ones found along the Soulanges canal and as sweet. There was very good trout fishing and many beautiful streams just South of the Canadian border.

My ex had several bikes but I was either too young or to broke to learn, I still have my leathers though but I can’t find a pillion to attach myself to :o(
Great to live vicariously through your post though x

My husband and I ride a Harley. I’m just the noisy back seat driver, he is at the “control center”. Don’t think with my hand problems that I could drive one. I’m immensly jealous of you!!!

Never got on a motorcycle…but that kind of freedom I got when we cycled ALL OVER THE PLACE on my 12 speed!
In the Winter…freedom was on skis…downhill. Ahhhh fresh powder, nothing like it!

Hey Linda - I hear you on the freedom of the bicycle! Up until the age of 18 - when I got my first motorcycle - all I did was pedal! To work, to school, you name it. When it came to my getting my drivers license at 16 - I threw the car keys that my Dad gave to me on my birthday - cried saying “I don’t want to drive a car!” - and well, the rest is history. Learned how to drive (he didn’t want me to be like my Mum - independent on him for getting around as she never learned to drive).

Skiing is something I dabble in from time to time - x country tho’ - going fast down a vertical slope scares the you know what out of me!!! Plus with x-country - less people - not keen on knocking out innocent people on the slopes when I downhill.