Rigorous exercises

are rigorous exercises involving knees for diabetics more than 30 years old are harmful to knee cartridge

What kind of exercises are you talking about? And what kind of condition are your knees in now?


If you want to build up and strengthen your knee cartilage, then you should exercise aggressively and challenge it to become stronger. I am nearly 50 and I performed weighted squats. I have strong knees. As you get older, you certainly should take more care with exercise, but there is no reason you can’t dramatically increase your knee health and strength by progressively exercising with more and more challenging movements. A good way to start out is just with bodyweight goblet squats (you can look that up in google). When you can do several sets of those with 10-15 repititions, you can start to do those while holding a weight. When you get to that point, you come back here and I’ll suggest how to make further progress.

Don’t know what’s up with this but I started running about 6 years ago at age 50. I’ve had sore knees and hip for ages but when I started running it went away!!! When I stop it comes back!!!

When I was in the Navy I ran every day, while on land that is no problem but at sea on a steel deck it became quite a problem. We didn’t have all the fancy shoes we have now so I developed shin splints and other problems with my knees and legs. The Dr. told me most of my leg and knee problems came from the running on that deck. These days, a brisk walk of 6-10 miles a day does it for me. Riding a bike, or segway… That is it for me. Running is abit slower but yes I do jog still , just not on steel.

Now I do the Wii Fit !

And Don , you run with the Olympic Torch runners throughout Canada :slight_smile: …in Salmon Arm , BC, it will be down hill , I promise , if you plan to protect me …on the side : maybe I should walk , a chance to hold the Torch time wise just a wee bit longer .
Agree, shin splints generally due to out of shape running shoes …running shoes for maximum use last 500-800 km .

No more or less than for non-diabetics. Diabetes does not make us more susceptible to cartilage damage.


I use the Nordic Track and love it. No impact on my knees and gives a good workout. Otherwise its fast walking for me when the weathers nice. The Nordic Track might be something to look into for low impact.

It doesnt really matter if one is diabetic or not…nor if one is 30 or 50… Exercises involving the knees should not be harmful…except maybe if you have past injuries or certain conditions (rheumatism, athritis, joint inflamations, fybromyalgia…etc) that specific exercises are more recommended than others.

Like some have said, bad knees come in all shapes D and non-D. Do what works for you.

I was not able to run after the third knee operation, so I called it quits and took up cycling. Then I discovered Chi Running and it was a whole new life as a runner. Basically, it is mid-foot running which used momentum and gravity for forward motion, not knee slamming. It is pretty amazing. But after being hit three time by cars, their fault, I’m thinking that anything may be better than road cycling.



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