RIP Jesse

Jesse died about two weeks ago shortly after this video was made.

The video is a really good overview. This is so overwhelmingly heart breaking that he is gone.

This is so sad! What a cutie! If you don’t mind, how did he die?

My heart is breaking…so very sad.

Wow, very touching.

It definitely makes you give pause for a reality check. I think we all tend to forget about the serious implications of this disease. I hope these unfortunate events will help generate more effort in finding a cure for diabetes and other chronic diseases instead of just new drugs and technology to manage them.

heart wrenching…yes pause for reflection…I heard about him passing but never saw a video…thxs for posting Brian & hope you are doing well too! ((hugs))

I am in tears to hear that he has died. I wish his family great comfort in the memory of this adorable person; I know they have to be in great pain now, I’m so sorry…

My condolences to his family. He looked like a great kid.

There is a lot more to Jesse’s story. He did a lot in his short life.
Here is his mother’s blog which was started to document the story of the Triabetes documentary:

Here is the blog of Anne Findlay, who knew Jesse and has written a lot about his life and what his loss has meant to his family, the diabetes community, and to her personally.

Here is what I wrote, though I never met him, when I heard of Jesse’s passing.

Thank you, Jerry, for posting all the links. Thank you, Brian, for letting us know of Jesse’s courageous life and how he brought so much awareness to this frustrating disease. My heart aches for his family.

Very, very sad. My heart goes out to Jesse’s family.

Oh Rest In Peace Jesse
So sad my prayers are with his family.

such a sweet adorable boy, it is so sad and heartbreaking. I can only imagine the pain of his family.

This makes me so sad…My heart goes out to the family.

I just watched the video and read a little bit on his mom’s blog… words cannot express how sad I am to hear about his complications and his death. My condolences to the family!!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

No words…my prayers are with the Jesse’s family.

Wow Brian! I am in total shock of Jesse’s / Michelle’s / Anne’s / your story. I almost feel that it isn’t right that I should be still here and Jesse not. Anyway, Jesse will live on in all of us and we PWD’s will all fight to make the world aware of what this disease can do to our bodies in one way or another.

A heartbreaking tragedy. A beautiful & brave spirit gone.