Rise and Fall Alerts, does anyone use them?

I'd appreciate any comments about whether these alerts are useful in addition to the usual High/Low Alerts. I'm strongly considering getting Dexcom. I'd love it if the Fall Alert can act as an even earlier warning system than the Low Alert

I wonder if the 3 mg/dl/min alert will only trigger when something is amiss versus typical changes after eating a meal? Without having tried it, it seems like the 2 mg/dl/min alert might be annoying and trigger during normal meal peaks.


I have mind set for the 2 ml, both directions.

They do help, especially when your BS is dropping fast. It doesn’t matter if you are 200 and your low is set for 70, it will let you know you are crashing fast. The other day, I was a little over 100 with 2 straight down arrows so I knew I was going down fast. I had some glucose and stopped at 70. If I had waited until I had hit 70 before getting the low notice, I would have gone a lot lower the rate my BS was falling.

The high one can get more annoying after eating. I have gastroparesis, so I like to be aware of when my food finally starts to digest so I like the warnings.

Yes I find them very useful. Since there is a delay between the readings from the interstitial fluid and the blood readings, it is a good warnings. Of course sometimes you get warnings which in the context of meals and other situations, you ignore, it is still generally useful data

Thanks, I wonder will a meal that you correctly bolused for set off the 3 mg/ld alert?

I use them as an early warning system of sorts. I have the rise set to 3mg/dl/min and the fall set to 2mg/dl/min. I am hypoglycemic unaware, so the tighter Fall Alert works for me. I have my low alert set at 90 because I am so concerned about lows. The low and the fall alerts have saved me more than once from going dangerously low.

Coincidence! My very low (55) alert just went off. Time to test to see if the interstatial reading is right, and then correct.

I like being notified if I am experiencing a rapid decrease in my sugars, it does help from hitting that rock bottom!

The rise alert helps also, at times I have found it will trigger even when I have correctly bolused for a meal, but typically I find it occurs either because I did not time the bolus and meal correctly or because I did not bolus enough to cover the meal (like when eating out). It is very helpful for me though, as I have been able to determine if an additional bolus is needed and prevent a big swing high.

Thank you all, it is good to see these Alerts are useful in addition to usual High/Low. ( I'm guessing Dexcom has not combined Rise/Fall with High/Low into an algorithm like Nav's Predictive Alerts because it would violate patents. )