Rise and fall rate… and factory settings?

Don’t know really if I should post these questions in Animas users group or here… or in both groups…? Want to ask both questions in same thread though.

I use Dexcom 4 together with Animas Vibe. (Therefore I don’t know if this also applies to “only” Dexcom users as well without Animas?)

In my pump or Dexcom I have two settings to choose for rise and/or fall rate:
0,17 mmol/L/min (I believe it shoud be 3,06 for mg/dl?)
0,11 mmol/L/min = 1,98 mg/dl

I don’t know the theory behind these. I did ask Rubin Medical, but they could not give me an answer in this.

I have tried the lower one. My perception of the trial was that I got frequently BG:s not showing any arrow, (the direction of the bloodsugar), so I changed back and I can now see the arrows all the time. But I also got more frequent alarms of BG raising or falling, which did too many times give me the question; should I react or not (by food if fall, by bolus if rise…)

But, which one do you use and how have you come to the conclusion that you want to use the one you prefer?
(Or if you know the theory behind these two rates, please share… I’m curious)

I also perceive that the factory settings are the best ones to follow… if… I do manage to keep my eating very regular and the time between the meals is at least 4 hours. Moreover, if I do not overeat; my weight stays stable. Therefore I basically do have all of the factory settings when it comes to I:C Ratio, ISF. (The overeating is though something that happends from time to time..:))

Do you use the factory settings or do you use your own ones?