Rising Drug Prices

“The rising cost of insulin presents a barrier to care for a growing number of Americans with diabetes. We have heard stories from people across the country who have had to ration or skip doses altogether to make their insulin supply last longer. Some have sought medication from other countries, while others have turned to the black market. Still others have raised funds for their insulin using the Internet. These measures can result in major risks that can compromise health and even life.”

LINK: https://endocrinenews.endocrine.org/trump-senate-focus-on-rising-drug-prices/


I stopped reading at (R-ME)

No republican ever did anything but stick a knife in the throats of those needing lower prices -

they may appear to be doing some good but behind the scenes they are making sure prices do nothing but go up

Misery in others is their lifeblood

I have the last 60 years to prove my point - everything they have done does nothing but fight lower prices or decent healthcare


It’s partially the rebates places like Optum RX are taking from us…

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