Risk of HIV transmission through CGM?

Can I share my CGM with someone with HIV or is there risk of infection?

How exactly can you share a CGM?

I own a Dexcom G4 CGM. I want to borrow it to a friend for a few days. He has HIV. My previous Doc used to use the same dexcom transmitter on multiple patients because the actual, plastic insert is disposable. She used to just wipe it down with alcohol. I was gonna do the same thing. Just checking.

We work together on projects. Next project, he promised to help me with some diabetes stuff, but its helpful if he understands how the device works. The best way to do that is through using it. Plus, he’s concerned hes having some blood sugar problems from some meds he’s on. We were gonna check.

Are you talking about using the same transmitter? If so, that doesn’t sound like a transmission route for HIV, IMO.

My limited understanding of HIV transmission is that it happens through an exchange of body fluids. I think the risk of sharing a CGM transmitter is tiny to non-existant.

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HIV doesn’t live long outside the body, and if you disinfect it it should be pretty safe. I wouldn’t say anything is 100% safe other than not sharing it, but it would be very crazy if a disinfected transmitter infected you through the sensor.

Ok, sometimes I bleed when inserting a new sensor and it does involve body fluids, so Ill be cautious. But, I dont think I have never noticed blood on my transmitter before. Hepatitis does live for a surprising long time.

I agree it’d be pretty hard to imagine transmitting HIV that way, but I’m not an expert


Wipe it down with alcohol prior, and risk is or nearly zero.

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Yes, thoroughly. I do this every time I snap in a new transmitter even if I’m not sharing it. And we’re talking about G4/5 systems here of course.

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