I saw my family dr. last Wednesday for a very painful knee. He has recently become a sort of 5 minute dr. So he diagnosed a sprain, tossed me a handful of Celebrex samples and started to get up to leave. I quickly asked for a physical therapy prescription in case I did not improve.

he quickly wrote one and refused to give me anything for pain, saying "The Celebrex will take care of that." It didn't, so I called the office the next day to request pain medication, which I got. After 5 days of pain my therapist convinced me it was time to use the PT prescription. Today I was evalulated by the physical therapist who diagnosed a 25% tear in a tendon. He did not think highly of my dr. who did not even prescribe an MRI. This is the same dr. who waited so long to send me to the hospital for treatment of cellulitis in my other knee that the dr. at the hospital had to order an X-ray to see if it had progressed to a bone infection. Luckily it had not. It was this hospital stay that diagnosed diabetes. My dr. had not tested me since 2003 despite my complaint of trouble breathing. He diagnosed high blood pressure, but did not order a blood test. My question to myself (and my kids) is whether it's time to change drs. My dr has recently left his own office to join 2 partners. No more hospital visits; a hospitalist now sees only hospitalized patients. My dr. starts his day at 1PM at the office, and has turned into a 5 minute dr. He used to care. He used to be a good dr. What's up with his new persona? I'm "torn" about leaving; I've trusted him for years, but there's not much left. And my promise to myself to exercise more is now DOA. Depression lurks.

Time to change doctors

Cody is right, it’s time to change doctors Jan.
My doctor of 35 years retired just over a year ago and I feel so lost, I still haven’t found a good doctor to replace him, thank goodness I have the endocrinologist for my diabetes.

Celebrex causes an increased risk of heart attack while providing no better pain control than Motrin or Ibuprofen. The FDA came very close to taking it off the market, and the company is advertising it with the sleaziest campaign I’ve seen in a long time trying to excuse away its record for causing those heart attacks.

DEFINITELY time to get a new doctor!

Thanks 4 everyone’s input. The search is on!!