Robe ideas?

My husband bought me two beautiful red satin robes for my birthday, I love them, but have always put my pump in my bathrobe pocket, now all I can do is clip it onto the loop for the belt, because the belt will not support the pump. I asked my mother in law if she could sew on a pocket but says her sewing machine will not do that type of fabric. Any ideas? I don’t want to have to put on something else, I just want to be able to to throw my robe on in the am or middle of the night to go the bathroom.

Try sewing the fabric with thin paper like tissue paper (that’s what we call it here it’s the kind of paper the paper pattern are made of). Sew with a small zig zag stitch. Afterwards the paper can be torn away.

go to the fabric store and ask them for suggestions. Riette’s suggestion is good - you can also get an iron-on stabilizer to make the fabric easier to sew. Sulky makes many of these. Many dry cleaners will do small sewing jobs for you, too.