Roche Meter E3 code

Hi all: I am using a Guide meter thru the My Sugr program. I just opened a new box of strips and keep getting the E3 error. There is’nt much info in the manual. No, my BG is not out of whack, I changed batteries, and I do not have control solution. Not sure what to do. Over six strips shot already and Roche is not open on weekends for tech support. I never needed tech support on a meter…:frowning:

Do you have another meter w/ strips that you can confirm your BG is within a range you consider acceptable?
That is likely the most important thing so you can wait to contact Roche when they are open.

Oh it’s fine. it was 190 last night and 67 this morning on an Aviva. Six strips, sometimes every other one are giving error codes. One Touch strips fine too, just not wanting to use those anymore. I was trying to get away from One Touch! Now that I think about it, my Aviva does it too. Read something about having to flip the batteries around, spin them. Which is odd and shouldnt be the issue
. I did put new ones in the Guide meter last night though…

I did a search and E3 is BG very high, but not sure what model meter you have. Wash your hands and check again.

What model is your meter ?

Sorry, now I see you said Guide. I did not know there was a meter that name.

Definitely not high at all. It’s their new Guide meter.
That is a strip error code though…

If you have another meter and strips, use that until you can call support. You may get a replacement meter and or strips for the Guide.

I found the Guide user manual. You’ll need to download from a link on this page to your computer in order to view.

Here’s a picture of the page that discusses the E-3 error.

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Did all that, but have no control solution (which most folks do not have readily on hand.) I guess what I was wondering is if anyone has experience with this and roche meters. :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t shed any light on your situation.

Sometimes I have control solution but every time I’ve checked with the control solution, the meter passed the test.

I’ve been using Roche meters for a long time. I use the Connect now and have used the Aviva Plus in the past. Do you think the new strip container is an improvement? I do find it frustrating sometimes to get a single strip out of the traditional round strip container.

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Same. Significantly more so with full containers.
So when I open a new strip container, I immediately split half into the recently empty container.

(Usually spilling strips in the process but at least I am ready and they are on a table and not all over the floor.)

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Your problem is the strips or meter. You would know if you were extremely high because you’ve been doing this long enough to know. It isn’t a BG problem. A diabetic with your experience would know that.

In a jam, you can do this for “control solution”. Do you have a willing non-diabetic spouse, partner, child, parent, friend, or co-worker? You can test their BG (not immediately after eating), and it should give you a reasonable number. If they turned up an E3, obviously it isn’t high BG.

Of course, the meter tech support people will always insist you do a control solution test, and I’ve had to do this, I just bluff my way through. “Uh, sure I did a control test. It still gave me a E3…uh, the lot number on the control solution? I’m sorry, I just threw it out because it was almost empty…”:roll_eyes:

I hate the new container. the strips are light, and thin and quite often literally blow out of the container and scatter when you pop the top open. grrrr.

Gee Eddie, only 47 years and 18 pumping :wink:


Right behind you with 46.

I think after 4+ decades, someone should get an exemption from control solution. :smiley:

Don’t you love it when you have to call for something and they treat you like you have no idea what you are doing? I had a doctor’s office do that to me. They were trying to take on diabetic patients. Well, my friend let them treat her and they are really not helping my friend. I am trying to get her away from them.
Asked me if I knew how to check my blood sugar and if I knew what an a1c was…really…


Btw all, looks like it is the one canister of strips acting up…

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Exposed to dampness or high temperature possibly?

Is another canister working fine?

Yep! The diabetes “baby-talk” from an endo is a deal-breaker for me!

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I don’t know. The My Sugr folks sent me a huge supply of strips. I love their bundle program, but have no idea what could have happened to the shipment box or that one canister.

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Canister number two is now causing problems. My Sugr sent me a ton of strips under the bundle program. I hope Roche is helpful when I call tomorrow…