Roller coaster

After blood sugar readings in the 13 s this week dinner time today 12.PM my blood sugar is 4.8 how do you reconcile that had 4 slices of toast for breakfast usually only have 2 if I could understand my body better I would have some idea how to stop it roller coasting one minute then diving the next any ideas, when I worked I was ace for sorting problems I know self recommendation is no what ever they call it but I was 20 problems on the go solutions rushing around my head happy managers and customers these days I cannot even think straight most of the time.
I suppose I need to get some dinner in case my blood sugars get any lower not one for sorting dinner my Angel usually does me sandwiches but I upset her this morning I think she just forgot and did not think about it, overcast outside muggy thick with winters legacy a bit like how I feel perhaps I am in sympathy with winter,any suggestions for a diabetic type 2 for dinner love to hear from you.
Mind made up chicken soup cream of chicken brown bread glass of water a wing and a prayer as explorers might say let you know later how it tasted.