Roller Coaster…

I was looking for the slide.
Somehow I’ve ended up,
On this roller coaster ride.

This ride is going faster,
My body hurts a lot.
They say to feel better,
I’ll have to take a shot?

It’s not that I’m ungrateful,
I will try and do my best.
But I’m not feeling any better,
With this blood test.

I don’t understand your logic,
You say I need to count?
I only want a hotdog,
What is a carb amount?

The shot made me feel much better,
But now I’m shaky and sweaty.
I ate just awhile ago,
But I’m hungry again already?

Next time a little less medicine,
Or maybe just one fewer stick.
But now I’m tired and thirsty,
Is this some kind of trick?

What’s the right combination,
Of medicine and food?
This ride is very frustrating,
And I’ve only just begun!

Ahhhhhh … know how you feel !