Rollercoaster CGM #s=Pregnancy, or Something Else?

Hi everyone! I’ve been having some strange ups & downs the last couple of days-if I don’t have arrows going up, I have arrows going down. I’ve had rollercoaster days in the past, but nothing like this-the only time my blood sugar has been stable has been @ night. Other than that, I’ve been constantly chasing highs & lows (on my CGM) all day.

I haven’t eaten differently or changed my routine. I did stop taking my birth control pills at the beginning of the month to get my cycle regulated before we start our family, but I haven’t noticed any huge changes up to this point, other than having to decrease my basals a little (my BGs were always better during the hormone-free period weeks).

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I guess there’s always the chance that I could be pregnant since I’m not on the pill anymore, but I didn’t know if these fluctuations could be explained by early pregnancy or not.

Other possibilities: bad site/insulin? Although I’m thinking this is less likely due to the fact that I’m having tons of lows/downward-trending #s on the CGM in addition to the highs…

I appreciate any advice/suggestions!

Could be pregnancy, but it could also be ovulation… I know for myself, for the two-week period from the time I ovulate until the time I menstruate my BGs fluctuate a lot. If you’re not pregnant, pay attention next month and note when the roller coaster starts. If it seems to start about 2 weeks before you get your period and lasts until your period, it is likely a signal that you’ve ovulated. :slight_smile: