Rotating clip for ping

I got a call from Animas for an “exciting opportunity”. Back in Feb the screw on my lowprofile clip started backing out. I complained about the design of the clip. Well, apparently they are designing a rotating clip and called me to test it out. All I have to do is fill out a few surveys. I should get it some time next week. Anyone else get a call from them to try it out?

I had also complained about a defective clip some time ago. I received the same call and have been wearing the new rotating clip for a couple of days. It is a very substantial improvement on the old version. They asked me to do an initial on-line survey based on my experience with the old “low profile” clip, wear the nee one for two weeks, and then repeat the questionnaire. The new clip is sturdier, more secure, and allows the pump to be worn horizontally or vertically. It makes adjusting or reading the pump while it is secured to a belt much easier.

Gee, real human contact with them???
What a miracle.
Bout time they get the clip redesigned.

oh man! I wish I’d gotten that call. I’ve called and complained about my son’s clip numerous times… Like every time I have to order a new one. This is good news!

Hah! She called me on Thursday sometime in the morning when I was at the gym. I called back at noon and she must have been off to lunch. So I left a message with her but I told her I work 3rd shift and was going to go to bed soon, so she shouldn’t call me after 2 PM. Well, 4 PM and she calls back. I was completely out of it, and accidentally answered then accidentally hung up on her. It’s the same action to answer the iphone as it is to turn off the alarm on it, so it went off, and I automatically did the swipe to shut it off, then panicked and I hung up.

Anyways, I received an email from her after that then a THIRD call from her yesterday. She answered when I called her back that time and told me what was going on.

I only called them once about it. I didn’t even make a big deal about the clip, I was just getting nervous because it was getting loose, and I was heading to Mexico in a few weeks and didn’t want it to fall apart while I was down there. I’m pretty gentle with the clip and pump, and didn’t actually break it, the screw just backed itself out and it fell apart into literally 5 pieces. I really have no idea why they called me about this new clip.

Bill, can you post a pic?

YES! Finally…I have only had the pump for 18 months and have gone through 5 clips…the design is horrible…I complain every time I order a new one…which is very often. I can’t wait to try the new clip! Thanks for the good news :slight_smile:

I have gone through 4 clips in three months and they didn’t call me :frowning:

Here are some photos of the new prototype clip. I will post a few more shortly - I am limited to three in this post. It is far sturdier than the original low profile clip. The clip resembles what is found on a typical cell phone holster. The pump can rotate so that you can more easily see and read the screen when making adjustments. The design of the clip also allows you to wear the pump horizontally on a belt, instead of being restricted to the vertical.

While I am not an apologist for Animas or for poor customer service, I do want to provide some explanation and background on my interaction with them. Last November, I was traveling (also in Mexico), and my clip simply snapped. The little piece of molded plastic just gave way. I carried my pump in my pocket for the remainder of my trip. When I returned home, I called Animas and explained what happened. The Customer Service Agent told me that she would get back to me after checking into things. She responded within 24 hours and simply told me that I needed to order a new one at a cost of $10, since the clip was out of its 3 month warranty.

I was more upset about the fact that nobody seemed interested in the potential of a quality defect or issue. The $10 was not so much of an issue with me, although I certainly was not happy with that either. I sent a note to my clinical training representative and copied the Medical Director of Animas. The clinical trainer subsequently called me directly and apologized. She indicated that she would forward my concern to the regional manager. I was contacted almost immediately. Within 24 hours I received an apology from the customer service agent and a new clip was couriered to me. The regional manager also arranged for a teleconference, at my convenience with Animas Manager of Pump Support, the Franchise Complaint Manager and the Director of Manufacturing. They listened carefully to my concerns, explained how they were going to address this from a corporate quality perspective by initiating a quality review. I returned the defective clip so their quality assurance group could examine it. The director of manufacturing explained how they worked with external manufacturing concern and how they managed their quality control and assurance. Six months later I received an invitation to participate in this pilot study.

The point that I am trying to make is that while not every experience is going to be a positive one, Animas as an organization is truly committed, at least at the senior management level, to providing a quality product and service to its consumers. In the event that you are unable to resolve an issue when you call into the 800 number, do not hesitate to escalate the issue appropriately. I was rather non-plussed at how quickly my concerns were addressed. However, I am under no illusions that had I not taken things into my own hands and moved things forward by escalating it my telephone conversation and my $10 would have been the end of the story.
4242-DSC_6579.JPG (1.44 MB)
4243-DSC_6580.JPG (1.36 MB)
4244-DSC_6581.JPG (1.45 MB)

I hate the original clip, and the new one is plastic. I have destroyed dozens of those plastic clips for cell phones, name brand good quality ones too. I live a hard life I guess. I carry my pump in a spibelt now. Comfortable and no clip to worry about.


Here are a few more photos of the new clip.
4239-DSC_6582.JPG (1.29 MB)
4240-DSC_6584.JPG (1.45 MB)
4241-DSC_6585.JPG (1.1 MB)

I want one!!! lol

The profile on this clip looks higher than the “low” profile clip. I’m sure it has to be to rotate. I really like the low profile of the current clip. My guess, I’ll try and order several before they change the style.


I just got the clip today… here’s a few pictures comparing the low profile and the new clip. keep in mind the rotating clip is brand new and the low profile has been in service for about 3 months. These were taken with my iPhone 4… couldn’t find the Cannon G12
4236-IMG_0164.JPG (2.5 MB)
4237-IMG_0163.JPG (2.45 MB)
4238-IMG_0166.JPG (2.33 MB)

Awesome photos, I’ll be calling tomorrow,

I called a couple of days ago because I’m having problems with my clip. They did tell me they were working on a new design that should be out soon. I asked if I should wait or buy a new one now. She suggested that I buy a replacement now because it may be 3-4 months before the new one is out.

I called also and was told that they are finished with the testing phase and are in the manufacturing phase. No one was sure how soon or how long it would be before the clips were available. I am thinking about just buying a cheap cell phone case with a rotating clip for right now. So that I will not have to pay twice for a new clip.