Rotating clip/holster for Animas pump

I heard a rumour that there is a clip/holster for the Animas pumps. It rotates so you can wear your pump horizontally if you want. I have checked the Animas site, but haven't seen it. Has anyone seen or heard about it?

I have just switched from a MiniMed Revel to an Animas Ping. ( not sure if it was a good move or not-wanted he convenience of controlling the pump with the glucometer but didn't realize how complicated changing the reservoir/infusion set would be - and the Bg doesn't automatically compute) Anyway, I am keeping the Revel leather pouch for the belt which also fits the Ping. Do have to take the pump out of the pouch to operate it but it is a more inconspicuous way to carry the pump than the clip provided.

I personally haven't seen a clip that can do this for the Animas pumps... but I'd be curious to try it if you did happen to find it! :)

My Cozmore had such a holster and I loved it. I prefer my pump to be hori9zontal - I'm short waisted. I just snapped it in, and it could be rotated. There used to be cellphone cases that would work, but with the smart phones and their different dimensions from the old cellphones, no luck there. If I find it - I'll post. I thought I heard that the Vibe had one.

Is this the one you're referring to?