Rough month

Last month,. The day before my birthday, I woke up with what I thought was the stomach flu. My coteacher, who I spend a lot of time in and out of school sick with had missed school a few days before. I spent much of my birthday weekend, coughing, getting sick, and having a fever. By monday, the fever was gone, but the blister on my foot was making my foot swell.
I never connected the two. By around 8:25, during my prep time, I walked into the office and demanded a sub. The nurse took my temp and I was at 101.1! They immediately got me a sub, and I went home. By the time I got home my temp had spiked to 102.5. I lay in bed shaking, and thinking, if I could wait until my doctor’s appointment at 4, maybe get some sleep. Something inside of me though, made me call 911. I arrived at the hospital.
The blister/ulcer on my foot developed into a staph infection. Don’t ask me how, many people have. I DON’T KNOW! I take care of feet, my numbers are good. I was at a 6.2 when they tested me at the hospital. I exercise, I move around a lot…How did this happen to me.
The next day my new doctor (I just moved to the middle of freaking no where) saw me and took an xray, to make sure the infection hadn’t spread to the bone. Sure, enough, he thoguht it had. Which lead to me having a follow up MRI…So, yes, now I have Osteomiylitis…(I’m sure I butchered the spelling). Luckily, the oral antibiotics are warding off the infection for now, and the surgeon doesn’t want to do surgery, unless it’s the LAST resort, after I’m on IV antibiotics.
HOWEVER, for the last three weeks, I’ve been trying to get ahold of a specialist an hour away. My doctor put an ASAP on my file, so he would see me right away. The infectious disease doctor, the one that is supposed to get me set up with an IV kit, so I can do it from home, has fiddle farted around! It took me calling my doctor’s office back after a week of being told they were supposed to call me, and my doctor’s office calling them to remidn them to even get me going on an appointment. I have an appointment set for Monday!
However, last Sunday I went to the ER again. I went to change the bandage on my wound, (which up until last weekend was getting better) and it started gushing blood…I had an artery bleed. My house looked like a murder scene. As soon as I got to the hospital it slowly stopped. I got into see my doctor the next day, and he tried to get me to see the infectious disease doctor. Again, from that doctor I got the run around! I was told that if I went to the ER, in his city, I’d be able to get a I.D. Consult with him, since he was on call!
I got the hospital, there, since I had another doctor’s appointment, around 10:15. The nurse made me feel terrible, she kept telling me I had MERSA! ANd how highly contagious it is! Which I don’t. The ER receptionist even said, “Oh, well are there a lot of hispanics in your area?” WTF, where have I moved to? When I finally met with the ER doctor, I was told tha I had been told wrong! THat I could not get the I.D. consult? He did call the doctor on the phone and explained the situation. The doctor told him to make sure I was on the right kind of antibiotices, and that he’d probably still have me take oral antibiotics even after seeing me on Monday. I left the hospital in tears. I want this taken care of.
I’m diabetic, I have an infection in the bone of my foot, and the surgeon doesn’t want to do surgery, and the doctor that was given an ASAP has waited nearly a month to get me into his office! Oh, and I was told that this could be a 6 month process of trying to get rid of it!
I’m trying to stay postive. This week, the wound is again starting to get better. My ankle still swells from it. I asked my general practioner if I should stay off of it. My principal had asked me about a wheelchair. The doctor sorta laughed. He wants me moving to keep my circulation up!
Luckily, though for me, I have hte best dad in the world. Who has made the now 5 hour trek to see me, numerous times! Not only has he brought himself, but he’s brought, the family dog, Scarlett. Oh, how I miss the 2 of them! I also have a great, supportive school staff right now. The first day of my training at my school, I met “my soulmate teacher”. We work so well together, and I can’t imagine this year without her. I also have a few other close teachers that never cease to amaze me!
I miss Damian and the boys like crazy. I can’t wait until THanksgiving to see them!!!

go to this website it could help you go all the way to bottom of page after you read and there will be more info.

Just wanted to send love and hugs as I had a major infection that led to emergency surgery about 19 months ago. I’m still healing, but am out of the woods now. There were a few times when I was overly patient with similar doctors/specialists… It’s really hard to stand up and shout for yourself and advocate for your needs when you’re feeling rough. I know. Please keep us posted on how you’re doing.

I guess my first question is, is there another specialist in the area that you could see? I don’t know that I would want to have that doctor treat me after being so uninterested in my health. I have worked in the medical field for over 22 years. Demand to see doctors, don’t let the staff put you off and you should go back to your PCP and make them get more involved. I hope you get the help you need and everything gets under control. Good luck and I hope all turns out well!!!