Roughest day yet

Okay here goes,

Today had to be one of the toughest days since I have gotten my pump, three months ago on Friday by the way. It all started with, of course, me. I procrastinated until the last minute to call and reorder, they were closed Sunday, and by the time I got home yesterday and the day before they were already closed again. Yesterday I found out that my health insurance, which is free through Washington state, ran out at the end of January. To make things worse, today is the day I have to change my last set, so I would have been out of pump supplies after that.

So I called Medtronic. While my BG was low, because it was 3:35 and they were closing in 25 minutes. While I am on hold I am trying to eat a lunchable, to bring myself up, but of course this is the one time I am not on hold for ten minutes and only manage to get one cracker down before they answer. They don't just come right out and offer me any solutions, until I ask, as I am almost in tears because of being low and overly emotional, if they send me a free sample to get me through until I get insurance back. They can. For $15 on a credit card that has to be taken immediately. And so I have to call my mom at work and get her credit card info. After calling back and going through all the menus again, the guy I am talking to says everything is good, "Is there anything else I can help you.... Oh wait there seems to be a problem, the credit card was denied."

Back on the phone I am with mom, and it is now 3:52, eight minutes before they close, and she is yelling at me because now SHE has to call them, and she dosnt understand the terms of my supplies, so I tell her, "Just tell them the free samples kit with four sets in it." But she wants more and makes me explain exactly what I need even though I try telling her that they have it on file and she needs to call before they close.

At 4:04, she calls back. In my low BG, and mildly panicking, state of mind, I gave them the wrong expiration date.

Simple as that. My free sample kit will be here on Saturday morning. Just in time.

Now I need to get my dad to get my insurance back on, as this is the only thing bill wise he is responsible for in the house.

Thanks for listening to my post-hypo babble :)

You know, if you need supplies I believe you can contact Insulinpumpers website to request some the next time this happens. A lot of people give to the charity they have for this reason. Check out the website.