Ever notice how we rely on routine in order to make our way through the day? I seem to have an aversion both physical and mental to dropping out of my routine. It is crazy really; I do not work so one think that I would not be a slave to routine. But I am. I need to eat about the same times, write at about the same times, sleep at about the same times, and watch TV at about the same time.

So what explains this slavishness to routine? Let’s face it I don’t have an external threat, (you will be fired), if I blow my routine. What is this business of routine? Webster online defines routine as, “a regular way of doing things in a particular order”. Most diabetics are told to follow routine in order to be successful. Eat at about the same time, eat about the same things (at least for breakfast), in other words put your life on autopilot. Do so in order to minimize error. The thing is so many of us do this. Even I do it and I have little reason to comply.

So is it because there is comfort in routine that makes us such a slave? I have little to worry about when it comes to routine? I pick my time; work out my issues and make them comfortable? Yet I follow my well-rehearsed routine. My son commented yesterday, that it “must be nice to not work” I tried to keep a routine when I first stopped working. Believing the old adage that routine offers more than stability and stability gives us a foundation to guide our days.

Today my routine is off. My wife had to leave the house early because of a dental appointment. That means she got up early, there was no coffee, I had breakfast early and I am typing this blog early. So what is the outcome of this shift? First I am having difficulty writing. Second, I am having difficulty concentrating and finally I am hungry as a horse. That is always the first victim when I break routine. Right now I am eating sugar free popsicles. I could eat a ton of everything right now. Hunger is always the first causality of my routine. I want to eat everything I can find.

Production is the second casualty, I cannot think correctly, I am having difficulty writing this blog, and want to just let it roll. Yet I cannot, I am out of my routine. My dog knows it is now past time that I took her out, so she is impatiently circling my feet trying to get my attention. Frankly taking her out seems like the routine thing to do. Yet I write this before I take her out so in order to be getting in routine I need to finish this routine. I am guessing that I will be off my routine most of the day. Yet I want routine in order to establish routine.
So even though routine is effective for diabetic management I still tend to rebel against it. I want it and yet I rebel against it. Seems odd doesn’t it? That which I crave is the one thing I really hate it. I have no idea why. Maybe it is because I am a slave to routine and I cannot break out of my zone. Or maybe I am just lazy?

Either way, where those are routine is comfort. I hope you find you’re your body works better than mine when I follow my routine, I hope you have a better day when your routines get fouled. Now, pass the crackers this dog is driving me nuts.



Rick, routine is habit.
i have lived on routine my whole life so it's my way of life.
routine is order.