Run to the hills !. Are you game to use cortisone cream?

Cortisone, corticosteroid, steroid (“a rose by any other name”) CREAMS .
Are you game to use such creams or do you run the hills!!!
We know these creams can be helpful, BUT

…they can send BG levels into the stratosphere.
What is your take, experience & the advice you were given.

With the creams? Really? I thought it was just for cortisol injections. I use a Cortaid cream sometimes, for allergic reactions… and I’ve never had any problems. I use the ointment, rather than the cream, though.

When I have a condition that nothing else works on…I use steroids then.

Many years ago, I had Eczema Really Bad on my arm. I even ended up with an infection on it. I tried many things to get rid of it. Nothing worked. Finally, I used prescription cortisone cream and the Eczema disappeared in a short while. I didn’t see any significant difference in my blood sugars while using it. I was told to use it sparingly(thin layer). But I also did not notice any big difference when I use my Asthma pump.

The times that I have been on high doses of Prednisone however…that was TERRIBLE. I weaned myself down every time to half the dosage which still requires more than my usual dosage but it is acceptable to me.

Yeah, that’s how it was for me… I tried everything, and finally decided for the Cortaid… and like you, I haven’t had any issues with just the cream – though I haven’t taken any shots.

I used Hydrocortisone cream. I have had the Cortisone shots in my knee joints a few times. Those raised my blood sugars some but I could get my sugars back in the decent zone with a slightly higher doseage.

I’ve never had a problem with cortisone creams or shots. I’ve had something like 3-4 cortisone shots (shoulders) since my DB diagnosis. I was prepared for some spikes after but nothing happened. Same with creams for eczema - no problems.

i have been using a variety of Rx creams on my hand for about 4 months. I don’t notice any difference in my bg. Right now I’m alternating one day with the steroid cream, next day with bacitracin (the one with pain reliever)

I have used these and continue to do so. My BS’s do not go up because of their use. More so they go up when I get an injection into my knee for pain. Like anything else and diabetes, be warned, be aware, and if the cremes do cause your bs’s to go up, decide it the pain is worth it. In many cases, the pain itself causes my bs’s to go up…for me it’s worth the minor increase of less than 10 points.

I had surgery and was given a steroid IV because they were having a difficult time keeping my BP up, I was expecting some really bad numbers but while they were numbers, 165, that would have freaked me out otherwise they were not that bad vs no blood pressure, generally considered not a good thing.

I’ve used steroid creams without any effect on BG. There’s not high doses of steroids in creams.

I also have used cortisone/steroid creams… for a small patch of psoriasis at my back. So far I have not encountered any problems in relation to bg levels. Have not tried shots though…