Runing with the Omnipod

Ran this morning wearing arm warmers to stablize by omnipod–worked very well, normally use hypafix tape–it was a short run only 4 miles, tomorrow I will try it on a 2.5 hour run :slight_smile:

Do you still use the Omnipod? My 10 year old daughter started “podding” about 8 weeks ago. I’m a Marathon runner so I’m just curious how it is holding up during training. What different sites do you use in order to use the tape? So far, she will only use her stomach.

Yes, I still use Omnipod, I have had it since last August and really like it, it is great for running, it doesn’t bounce around and has not dislodged on any runs yet and I usually run 3 times a week and then a long run (12-20 miles) on the weekend and I sweat a lot!! The sites I use are the back of my arm for long weekend runs, my upper thighs and side of hip during the week. I found that the back of my arm is the best for running. I used the minimed prior to this and there is no comparision especailly for running, I usually eat an hour before and take a little bolus and then use a temporary basal during run and my sugars are usually 80-130 when finished and that is also taking GU every 45 mins.

Wow - that’s awesome! You are an inspiration to young diabetics. My daughter plays volleyball, basketball, and softball and hasn’t let diabetes (or the Omnipod) slow her down or get in the way (grant it she’s only 10 years old.) Keep up the running and good BS numbers!

I run with the Pod as well. Prior to running I was doing P90X and was sweating pods off my arms like crazy. I started using IV Prep pads after alcohol prepping my sites and it works well with the sweating. I had not used the IV preps while running until my last Pod change. On Sunday, during my 7 mile run in mile 3, I felt my Pod flapping on my arm. I had to stop and it was coming loose so i just ripped it off and pocketed it. I live in south Louisiana and the heat and humidity are cooking already this year. I also use my back area (flank is another term for it) every once in a while to give the arms a break. I cannot use my legs not enough fatty tissue anymore. I have never used any other types of things to secure pods so I am not sure what else would work. Wishing all of you great success and health this running season.

Hey Guys/Gals,

I don’t have any experience witht eh Omnipod but I use a I.V. Prep from Smith&Nephew prior to putting in my pump site. It is an antiseptic wipe but has some sort of polymer in it which equates to an adhesive. It holds EXTREMELY well. I ran a marathon this weekend in a down pour the whole race. It stayed very secure. My 29th marathon with the pump and my site has never come out. Hope this my help.

Thanks for sharing…