Running a little higher than normal

I’ve been running a little higher than normal… actually way higher! I’ve been hovering around 200, and it seems that I cannot get my numbers in check! i’ve been taking benadryl for allergies the past 3 days and the only stress i’ve been under is preparing for graduation in a week so i’m really confused as to what it may be related to…any guesses?

In the absence of any other data, I would say that your body is reacting to the allergies and dumping more glucose to give you the energy to fight whatever is going on.

Any possibility that you are having more than allergies (flu/cold?)?? How stressful is this “preparing for graduation”? You may be relieved and excited on one level, but could your body be reacting to the unknowns of post-graduation life?

In the past, I have upped my basal insulin quite a bit to try and bring down stubborn highs associated with stress/sickness. Also, I have gone through the whole litany of changing infusion sets, changing insulin and the occasional intra-muscular shot. In these circumstances, I test more frequently and pay closer attention to my CGM, so that when I see a positive change I can make sure I don’t overdo it.

Congratulations on your graduation, btw!