Running in Cold Weather?

I run a lot outside during the summer and normally as the cold weather comes I move myself indoors going to the gym and using the treadmills and the indoor track. But I kinda want to stay outside as I don’t feel like I can keep my motivation going running indoors…

I live in South Dakota and right now the temps are 40-50s a kinda chilly start but not to bad during the run. I have read advice online on things to wear but im interested to see what other people actually do? Currently i’m using underarmor coldweather on top and then spandex for my legs. I’m looking into getting gloves as my hands are freezing when I run…I have a hat that I wear just hasn’t been cold enough for my ears or head yet (I have been taking it off after I start running…) Another thing is my lungs get really cold and hurt…do you cover your mouth with a bandana or scarf of some sort? What do you do?

I live in the Philadelphia area, so it’s rarely below 0F here, but I only run indoors when it’s too icy for me to risk the injury potential. I breathe through my nose when I train most of the time, and my lungs don’t get too bad.

I’m a philly guy too and will run outodoors when it gets down into single digits. I go w/ lots of layers of clothes topped w/ a windbreak to capture my body heat. and at least one hat to keep heat in from coming of my head and maybe running earmuffs. for gloves I usually go w/ cheap gardening gloves till it gets really really cold. my problem usually is overdressing at the start because I’m so cold starting out

it’s a lot of trial and error but you’ll figure out soon enough what works and what doesn’t

not sure about the lungs hurting when it’s only 40 degrees any issues w/ asthma? (just guessing not a doctor)

I don’t often get a chance to run in cold weather, but you said a couple of things that surprised me.
Gloves are the first thing I put on for running when it gets cold. A hat is the second.

I loathe the treadmill and live in Idaho. I run all year long, the things that keep me inside are ice and temps below 25.

I want to feel chilly when I start out, if i don’t then I know I will be too warm once I have warmed up. As others have said, layers, gloves and a hat are essential, I also need to have my neck covered up to keep the chill off. I like tops with zips, then I can adjust the airflow, it really helps. Also, tights (as opposed to looser bottoms) are good. You can layer them under whatever.

Good luck!!

I do the coldgear on top, with maybe another shirt down to about 20 and maybe a third shirt as we get into the teens. I had a jacket I wore a lot in the first winter but lost some weight and it gets kind of billowy like a sail. I prefer tighter pants, however ridiculous a 44 year old looks chugging down the street in spandex, as when you turn into the wind, cleaner is better! I ran 7 miles when it was 7 degrees out once and my beard froze when I licked it. The jacket is handier when it’s more cold out as you also want somewhere to keep your meter cozy as frozen meters don’t work.