Running my first marathon in JANUARY 2009

I’ve got almost a year to train for my first marathon. Any suggestions or pointers (diabetic-related or otherwise)?

Keep good records of your BG levels. Once you figure out how many carbs you need per mile and how to set your basal rates before/during long runs, it gets a whole lot easier. When I’m doing things right (that means I pay attention and follow my own advice) I can usually keep my BG between 90 & 140 for my runs. As a Type 2, your BG control might be a little easier than for us Type 1’s.

A year to prepare is a good goal. Trying to rush it can lead to injury and that’s not fun.

  1. Go slow.
  2. Use a training schedule if you don’t have a coach or aren’t part of a group. Take a look at the downloadable schedules at Hal Higdon is a nationally known running coach.
  3. Test often to avoid lows. Approximately every 30 - 45 minutes.
  4. Enter some shorter races this year (5K, 10K) to get used to entering, preparing and running with a large group of people. It will give you practice for things like - what should I carry? did I fill out my forms? where’s my bib? where’s the toilet? did I go yet? should I go now? where do I park? who can I talk to? where’s my timing chip? what’s a timing chip? where does it go? do I need to carry a cell phone? did I bring enough cash to buy a beer at the beer garden? all the little stuff you wouldn’t have thought of until it’s too late.
  5. have fun

Good luck,