My name is Jason David Gonzalez & I started the ‘Run To Stop Diabetes’ campaign because, even though I’m not diabetic, diabetes has affected my life significantly - my girlfriend of 5+ years is a Type 1 diabetic, I have an aunt & uncle with Type 2 diabetes & diabetes took my grandfather in 2006.

You can visit for more information on the campaign & to keep up with the training & fundraising progress. The goal is to raise at least $15,000 through family, friends & networking. In the meantime, we will be working with corporations in an effort to get them to commit to match, double or even triple those donations depending on how fast I can complete the 2011 ING NYC Marathon. For instance:

-if I finish between 4 hours & 3.5 hours, the corporations can match the donations to date

-if I finish between 3.5 & 3 hours, the corporations can double the donations to date

-if I finish in 3 hours or less, the corporations can triple the donations to date

That said, anything that can be donated starting March 2011 means a lot to the cause & can be multiplied the day of the marathon.

Thanks for your continued support & I will continue working hard this year to put in a good 2011 ING NYC Marathon time!!!

wow huge goals! good luck

@ Joe_H: Thanks buddy. I see you’ve got experience with Ironman competitions – that’s incredible. Keep up the good work.