RX refills & Rage

I just need to find a decent Doc after all the pandemic reshuffling and am in the process. I called everyday for several weeks to get Rx filled. Its a half hour to an hour wait each time I call. I simply do NOT have that kinda time. It seems that I spend an inordinate amount of time doing their jobs for them and I’m not getting paid. They ask too much. I can’t identify what service they have ever actually provided me with, other than refill Rx.

What are the odds that something could be done to make RX permanent for permanent illnesses? The Docs would not be burdened by undo paperwork. The clinics would have less ability to hold me ransom for $. It could free me from horrible paperwork burden and they don’t seem to have the ability to complete that paperwork. Everyone wins.

I paid them $200 yesterday for an appointment to fill 2 Rx. All they did was ask me how many vegetables I eat a day, weigh me, and take a blood pressure. I tire of the giant farce where they pretend to provide care, I pay them lots of money, and no patient care ever actually takes place. By the time I’m done refilling all these Rx, I will have spent $500 and a LOT of time.

Is there any mechanism to remove these particular shackles? I want to be free. I want to know how to win my freedom.

The only thing I MUST have from them is insulin an Rx to stay healthy and alive. They don’t seem to be able to take care of that in any reliable way. I know they have the ability to. They use that as a mechanism to keep me tied by the neck to them no matter what. They should be ashamed of themselves and I hate them.

There must be a way out of this rabbit snare and I need only find it.


I’ve been on insulin 52 years (happy aniversary to me this month, 52 yrs!). A couple weeks ago the supplier said my doctor didn’t put down diagnosis codes for what I have ordered since 2016. She had to resend three times.
Pointless really. Of course they recently changed hands and I don’t think they are in American anymore…???

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It isn’t your doc who is requiring prescription renewals x it is your insurance company. Nevertheless if you don’t see value in endo visits, they are not necessary. I went for many years without an endo, with my pcp writing all my prescriptions. This is a once a year visit. This requires a pcp who trusts you.

If you want to go all the way, you can still buy insulin from Canada or Mexico, whichever is closer, without a prescription. If you try harder you can find a pharmacy there that will ship. Of course you’re not getting any insurance coverage, but the insulin is so much cheaper that it may be a win overall.

But then this begs the question - why do you even have insurance coverage if you get no benefit from it? You still need it for catastrophic coverage, so doesn’t it make sense to get some other benefit (like advice from a doctor you trust) since you are paying for it anyway?

Doctors do definitely use their prescription pad to control their patients. Some patients, like me, will not adhere to the visitation schedule ordered without the prescription carrot dangled in front of us. Sometimes it is for our own good, sometimes not. Either way I don’t like it.

That song SHAME, SHAME, SHAME takes me back, in 1975 I was a senior in high school. Fond memories


I don’t know if any Canadian mail order pharmacies still ship to the U.S. without a RX but if one does you can get insulin with less hassle that way. I would get a new Dr. pronto. Even a NP or PA can prescribe basic insulin and syringes. Some will work with you if you want the more complicated things like CGM or pump supplies.

Alternatively you could drive up to Canada once or twice a year for supplies. IIRC you are near Minneapolis right? That’s a 7 hour drive to Winnipeg but it may be worth it to you to avoid the RX non sense.


MOH I hear you! It is all a scam for money.

My brother is going through this with his new gp Doctor who is a crook who has been billing office visits when all he did was call up to get a refill for his prescription which the doctor only writes for 30 days for chronic medication!

I have talked to them twice now and told them to change it to 90 day prescription refills, once they told me they did it and they didn’t let’s see if they did it when they said they did it the next time… and they kept calling up and saying that he had an appointment and the doctor wasn’t going to be there that day. I said the last time and I know he didn’t make an appointment because they only talked to me and I said he will have to call back to reschedule- this is crazy.

Most of my prescriptions go to the mail order pharmacy- my doctors fill them for 90 days with refills for enough for a year. If you go to a good doctor or a relatively good doctor, like my endocrinologist and a couple of the others, that is what they do- they only request me to come in there once a year usually or, for the endo it’s twice a year now.

The endo of office did pull something on me with saying I had to come in for an appointment to get a refill on my thyroid meds because I hadn’t been in there for a year supposedly.

I called them up and boy was I upset and I told them on a message I believe that my father had been very ill and had passed away and I was not able to come there or anywhere except take care of him etc. for that time.

and also I have to be careful not to get infected etc. after that they called back and endo told them fill whatever I need and I can come in when an appointment is available. Which is what I did.

The office manager there is terrible now, maybe it is someone new, I don’t know, she’s definitely trying to bully people for profit purposes it seems. But it seems like my doc did that ovre the thyroid meds. I had seen him at least once maybe twice during the pandemic on a video visit and then all of a sudden they told me the insurance isn’t covering that anymore and you have to come in to the office.

So I said well is everybody there going to be vaccinated and she said I don’t know- I said well then I’m not coming there, she said you could wait in your car and then just come in when it’s your appointment etc. just call us ahead of time.

It seems ridiculous that they could get away with this nonsense when they know this is dangerous for us and they’re not requiring their patients even to be vaccinated- I don’t know if they told me the staff was vaccinated either.

In addition I have received letters from my insurance saying they are still covering video visits, so it’s not true, I guess they just don’t get paid as much for that maybe.

I can’t even discuss this all, it makes me too mad. This little game is unethical and it does harm.

One option, for us (because we have more avenues than other patient communities), might be to go all NPH and R from Walmart. I could pull off the NPH no problem. The R MI would have a negative impact on my quality of life. But, so does dealing with the medical system.

Since I have to shut down the medical devices anyway, I’m gonna experiment with MI NPH and Lisipro combo. I’ll report back on my findings.

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Nph and R nearly killed me a few times.
I never got a handle on my diabetes until I started
Ultralente and humalog in the early 90s
Then I started pumping.
Now I have a Tandem loop and I augment with 10 u Lantus each day and it’s working better than any other process I’ve ever been on.
I agree the cost for humalog is obscene. I have insurance so I’m lucky it costs me $30 per month in insulin. But then I have pump supplies and dexcom.
If I knew a way to push back, I would , but going back to nph, no thanks.

I would not use older inuslins, I am sure it would kill me. Please be safe.

I’ve never had a problem w/ NPH. It naturally works well for me without a lot of adjustment. I have much more difficult transition onto Lantus and stuff.

QUESTION: Why would the insurers want to increase the number of office visits? Why is that in their interest? Why do they want to pay for that?

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Insurers would rather NOT pay for drugs. The more hurdles the fewer claims.

I effin hate insurance companies!

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I guess office visits are relatively inexpensive compared to drugs.

People who really need the drug will jump through the hoops, those who don’t, won’t.

As it relates to insulin, I don’t know because I hardly think anyone really wants to inject insulin if he doesn’t need it.

It feels like needing to go to the doctor in order to get a prescription to buy food.

And the fact that regular insulin, syringes and NPH can
All be purchased with no prescription, we know it’s not about safety.

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My theory is they are all in cahoots on some things. Maybe not every doc but many.