Safe to excercise first thing in the morning?

If my reading is between 90-130 in the morning, should I take some carbs before excercising? I would call it moderate as I am used to using Elliptical. I have a tendency to shoot up really high just after excercising + magnifies with breakfast. I end up reaching 250-300 even after covering my carbs appropriately. Not sure what to do.

I have dawn phenonmenon & have to eat right away to prevent further spiking. My endo suggested no morning exercise, other than walking or stretching, or I go sky high.

Dave, sure is annoying! Dawn phenonmenon is such a fun added bonus:) Every morning is a new adventure. Heaven forbid if I sleep in because that sends me soaring, too.

When I exercise in the morning, my #'s will lower if I am walking, but anything more strenuous will cause them to rise. What works for me is to test before and/or while exercising and give a correction bolus if I need one, or bolus a bit more than I need if I am eating before exercise. I always check right after so can eat or correct as needed. This only works if I am working out at home. Who wants to jump off a machine at the gym to check BS? It might be better to exercise in the afternoon or evening if you deal with DP but the benefits of exercise are so great that if AM is when you can work it in, I say, by all means, do it then.

I agree with the others-sounds like dawn phenom.

I need to eat and bolus before exercising or the same happens to me. I eat a small amount (like a yogurt or 1/2 banana), bolus for about 1/2 the carbs, and workout. It works, most of the time. Some days I drop too low if I don’t eat and my #'s were in range pre-exercise, and other times it shoots up. I stop midway through the workout and test, and make corrections from there if necessary. It depends on how early I wake up, too. A 9 am workout gives me a different result than a 5am workout.

I realize that I'm joining this post years and years after it started! But I'm so glad I did. I've been having the exact same problem. If I run or bike in the morning my sugars will go up to the 200's. Whereas if I do it in the afternoon, then I have to take precautions not to go low.
So it helps if you eat/bolus before? Seems so strange since the problem is with going high... Do you just eat a little and bolus right before?

Do you keep your basal rate the same?