Saline start date!

My saline date is on friday at 10!!! I can hardly wait!!!

Hoorah!! Keep us posted on how it goes!!

Thanks Kristen I sure will!!!

Yeah will keep you posted!! I’m ready to start the real thing now and skip saline lol!!!

Oops - you shouldn't be influencing Leanna this way ... except I did the same thing as well. I was like a race horse - anxious to get to the gate!

Thats fine! I can hardly wait but don’t think I’ll try to cut it short. It shouldn’t be too long :slight_smile:

I did the saline and survived :wink:

I was anxious to start as well, but they insisted on saline and I obeyed!

i’m not super sure. I think the nurse said a few days and something about changing a few sites. She also said that in a week I will be on with insulin!!

I’m sure I’ll survive! :slight_smile:

Wow you where prepared :slight_smile: Getting on the pump with saline will be a BIG step, I think!!

Wow. I never did saline. I didn’t know you were supposed to; my doctor never mentioned it… But then my doctor never really told me much about the pump. I’m beginning to think that was a bad thing…

I was reading this thinking, “what’s a saline start date?” I thought maybe you were getting breast implants grin.
Obviously, since I didn’t know what it was, I did not go on saline before I started my pump. We ordered it, it came to the endo’s office, and we hooked me up. I did have an appointment once a week for the first month and for my first site change…
I’m guessing most of you had this trial period first…

Yes, I was the same as you Dave - had been MDI using the Pumping Insulin book - so I had an idea of how a pump would work with my “poor man’s pump”. I think anyone going onto a pump should have that book in their possession before they decide to go to a pump - and sort of practise like I did with MDI (multiple doseage injections). It gave me a feel for what a pump would be like. I had unfortunately very little training due to pumping not being a big thing here in the province I live in - and not many English speaking diabetic educators - so I educated myself - again - with the help of Monsieur Walsh

You will have no problem Leanna with all of us here to answer your questions if you need help - we’ll do our best! I wish I had discovered this website when I first started - because it is so great to have all these folks out here with years of experience - and being able to give you a few hints.

LOL on the breast implants Patra. I only went on saline in my pump for one day - and then I was onto insulin once I’d figured out my basal rates. My endo has no clue about insulin pumping (he was against my going on the pump as he thought A1C of 7% was good - but I wanted better) - so I’m teaching him so to speak. I wish I could find an endo that knows pumping - but the ones that are available are not taking on new patients - so I take care of myself - and just get my endo to push me my “legal drugs”!

Thanks! We have something in comon I see. I also have switched doctors do to one not doing pumps. However he is all for pumps but just don’t have the training for them. Also my new doctor is very near to my house!

Thanks Anna! the people her are very supportive!!

I repeat LOL!!! I wouldn’t have minded not doing at all but i guess its a good thing.

I was on saline for about a week and ran out. I was on trial for 2 weeks. It was long because of scheduling issues. Been on insulin now for about a week and a half. I love it. Injecting and carb counting for twenty years. Pump makes the diabetic chores a snap. Once you get the hang of it, you will love it.

Oh, by the way, There is a clock mode on my pump. I set it to vibrate to get up in the morning. How cool is that?

yeah mine does too :slight_smile: