Salmon Burgers 1 carb

Was at Aldi this weekend and found some salmon burgers. 120 calories, 1 carb, 3g of fat. They are great! If you can eat them on a bun even better. My grandson ate his on a bun and loved it!!!

I wish I could eat salmon; I can’t stand the taste of it. And I’m not a fussy eater at all. Any suggestions?

What’s the brand name?

I have purchased salmon burgers at my super market, we love them. Try grilling them outside when the weather gets warmer, they taste even better from the grill.

Delicous . . . my wife makes them from scratch.

Yes, Aldi’s salmon burgers are really good!

Aldi produces all of it’s own products. All of their seafood is under the “brand” name Sea Queen. They can only be found in Aldi stores, though I’m sure there are other tasty salmon burgers out there.

Season it? some doesn’t have a big flavor, some does. I like fish so I am not sure what you could do to change the taste other than spices.

Not sure. I will look it up when I go home

I grill them on the George Formen now :o)

Hmmm, maybe I should ask the fish manager at the supermarket what he suggests. And we have an Aldi’s nearby, I could always try the salmon burgers there.

Can’t hurt, if you don’t like them you just don’t buy them again. If a fish smells fishy, LOL what I mean is if it smells strong then it is not fresh enough. Fresh fish has very little smell and tastes a lot better.

Fish is so good for you, I hope you like the burgers. If you can eat bread you throw it on a bun with fixings that you like and maybe you won’t notice that it is fish. :o)

Kiva, would she share her recipe?