Salt water vs. Pod

We are planning our first trip to the beach since starting on the Omnipod and was just curious how the Pods hold up in the salt water… Does it affect the adhesive??
Please let me hear any experiences or tips.


We don’t have a lot of salt water experience (a lot of pool experience which has been fine) but we just discovered the Bands 4 Life. My son loves them and I’m excited to see how they work at the beach since we’ll be there in a couple of weeks too. Of course they would only be helpful if you wear the pod on your arm . . .

I personally have never had a problem with my pod in salt water or a pool. The adhesive has never become weak or peeled at all due to the water. Of course, if it’s towards the end of its cycle, the tape sometimes begins to curl a little bit and starts to peel off the skin slowly and then the water will obviously make it come off quicker but as long as there are no lifts in the adhesive patch, you shouldn’t have a problem. I have gone swimming in both salt water, and chlorine and have even snowboarded with the pod. My pods take a lot of abuse and have never come off.

I am from Cape Cod and spend alot of time every summrer up there to see my family, and swim like crazy. I have never had a problem with the adhesive giving out due to the salt water! Have fun, and good luck and PEACE

Thanks for your reply.
I think we will be checking in to the the Bands 4 Life, because he has tried to wear his on his arm once but it got knocked off and he will not try it again. These look like they will really help with that problem.

Enjoy your trip to the beach! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

My son is very rowdy/rough and has knocked several off. ugh…


Will do!


I haven’t had a problem snorkeling and free diving. I do secure it with some extra Hypafix tape. I like this kind:

I just had a visit with my Omni pod trainer and asked this question… she said the salt water will not damage the pod. But the adhesive may loosen over time. She said to check it every hour and to be careful of sun exposure (insulin will heat up). If needed, apply the adhesive wipe to the area that is loosening after the pod dries out. Hope this helps!!

What brand/type of adhesive are you using? I’ve been having trouble with my pods lifting by the 3rd day with an over amount of sensitivity and itchiness after removing them.

We use Bands4Life too. I also like to use SkinTac under the adhesive when my son will have lots of water time. This helps prevent even the rolling up of the edges.

Hey bowen. I’ve been using the pod for kitesurfing, surfing and freediving since January this year. Used under a wetsuit and also with just a rash vest on top. No problems at all! Just make sure you’re gentle with the pod when damp and shower in fresh water as soon as you’re home/back at your hotel; this helps stop the adhesive fabric from collecting salt deposits.

I found a waterproof tape by 3m in the bandaid section at Target. I just wrap it around my son’s arm and remove when he is done swimming. This keeps the waves from knocking it off.

We just went to Ocean City and the only problem he had was his pump “fail” while in the ocean water. The adhesive was fine… not sure what could have caused it… he said it just started alarming… not an occlusion. Oh well… changed the pod and moved on… just part of life. No other main issues and it was a great weekend. To be honest… since he is 17 and went off w/ friends most of the weekend… I am just relieved that the pdm wasn’t in the ocean or that he didn’t go low …he did well and mostly stayed high… Skittles… to protect himself… but did end up 66 this moring. Activity still caught up to him even w/ the free candy!