As someone who has struggled off and on with depression for about 10 years, and then even more severely upon diagnoses of type 1 diabetes 6 months ago, I wanted to share my experience with a natural supplement called Sam-E. It is something that naturally occurs in our bodies but that some of us have a depletion of. According to their website:

SAM-e helps to promote a healthy mood by ensuring a balance of overall healthy brain cell functions. If taken regularly, SAM-e can begin to help in as little as 7 – 14 days.

For people with low levels of SAM-e, the most commonly discussed benefit of a SAM-e supplement is a revitalized mood. This is possible because SAM-e occurs naturally in the body, and SAM-e supplements help people whose SAM-e levels are not as high as they should be.

SAM-e might help you regain control of your good mood, helping you have brighter days and a restore a healthy balance in as few as 7 – 14 days.

I started taking it about 2 months ago in conjunction with weekly therapy, when I was becoming suicidal. I was almost shocked at how efficiently it has worked for me. I am strongly opposed to prescription drugs, that render the user tethered for a long time. With Sam-E, there are no side affects-just higher spirits and the will to live and go on, and to see the joy in life.

Check it out!

Absolutely. I really liked using SAM-e about 10 years ago. Which brand are you using and what dosage?
I agree with your philosophy.

I am using Nature Made Sam-e Complete. I take 400 mg a day. I buy it from Costco, it is the most economical. This box is a 1 1/2 month supply and I think costs around $40.

Hmm, if you go to a mainstream doctor who is used to prescribing standard medicine, that would be their opinion. But do your own research and see what you can come up with. In Europe, they actually prescribe it as an anti depressant.